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How to use Snapchat for businesses

The Snapchat instant photo app is mostly used by the younger generation and influencers ... but it also turns out to be a very effective tool in a company's web strategy.

5 Best Social Media Management Tools

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter... discover the steps and tips to learn how to manage your social networks with 5 tools that will make your life easy!

Why create a Facebook store for your business?

Why is it worth selling on Facebook by synchronizing your online store and creating one even if you do not have an existing e-commerce site?

How to use Pinterest for your business

Pinterest can be a goldmine for your business. Here's how to create a professional Pinterest account and why to use it.

How to use Instagram for your business

Instagram is THE social network in vogue for professionals today. It could be your solution to gain visibility and notoriety. So, setting up your profile is essential! Check out this little guide to help you :-)

How to use YouTube for business

Learn how to share quality videos to boost your business with our tips for getting started on YouTube with a professional channel.

How Zoho Campaings and Zoho CRM can help your business

Zoho is a suite of apps aimed at helping businesses in their daily routine.

7 tips for using Twitter effectively when you're a professional

Twitter is the social network with the most unique communication: specialist of the snapshot, use the 280 characters made available for twitter your news or just your ideas of the day without forgetting the key words in the form of #, important to circulate your message on a large scale!

9 tips to properly use LinkedIn when you're a business

LinkedIn is the largest professional network today, making it a valuable tool for expanding your address book! But it remains above all a social network, which must be moved in the same way as Facebook.