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How to generate trafic on your website using social media

Generating social media traffic is of great importance to your business marketing strategy. Here's how to use social media to benefit your brand's visual identity.

5 ways to boost your engagement on social media

Some ideas for to boost your social media engagement in order to increase brand presence online

10 post ideas for your social media

The best social media post ideas for your business' accounts

6 reasons to use Twitter as a business

Find out why a business should use Twitter and how your business could benefit from using this social media.

Why use an agency for your social media marketing

Learn about the advantages of working with an agency to manage your social networks

10 essential tools for digital marketing

Digital marketing brings together all the methods and business practices that take place on the internet (communication on social networks, online stores, blogs, etc.). Managing this type of resource takes time and organization. Fortunately, there are specialized tools for digital marketing that will help you manage and maintain your digital presence. In this article, 8P-Design presents 10 of them !

Which social media to choose for my business?

Social media is an integral part of a business’s marketing strategy today. But there are many and each has its own specificity, so we get lost quickly. Which social media to choose and for what type of strategy?

How to use Snapchat for businesses

The Snapchat instant photo app is mostly used by the younger generation and influencers ... but it also turns out to be a very effective tool in a company's web strategy.

5 Best Social Media Management Tools

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter... discover the steps and tips to learn how to manage your social networks with 5 tools that will make your life easy!

Why create a Facebook store for your business?

Why is it worth selling on Facebook by synchronizing your online store and creating one even if you do not have an existing e-commerce site?