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8P Design signs the Transition Pact

All members of the 8P team have collectively decided to sign the Energy Transition Pact, and pledge to make their effort to reduce the environmental footprint at work and in their daily lives.

Should I update my Wordpress site?

Wordpress updates are numerous, often they are useful, sometimes they are less so, do you really need to update your Wordpress?

Choosing between an open source CMS or custom development

When it comes down to creating your site, the question arises between developing the site with custom code, or choose an existing “Open Source” Content Management System (CMS). The fastest, simplest and often most cost-effective solution is clearly the open source CMS.

Weekend selection - May 23rd

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Weekend selection - March 22nd

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Weekend selection - June 8th

The sun is here! Finally! This weekend in our reading selection :

Week-end selection - October 5th

This week, in our reading selection: Bercy sent phishing mail to its employees, Twitter expand character count to 280, New Elon Musk crazy project, CCleaner hack was hidding a tech targetted attack, 10 Google Sheets formulas that a good SEO need to know.  

Weekend selection - June 16th

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How Zoho Campaings and Zoho CRM can help your business

Zoho is a suite of apps aimed at helping businesses in their daily routine. It’s a HUGE set of tool that is indispensable, once you’ve taken the time to learn how to use it.

Weekend selection - July 06th

This week, in our technical reading selection for the weekend :