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Latest technology news January 18th, 2022

This week in our tech news compilation: Macron is working on a hotline for victims of cyberattacks and Instagram is testing a new feature.

5 good habits to adopt for your business 2022

Do you want to adopt new habits for your business for the new year? 8p Design offers you 5 effective and productive ones!

Latest technology news December 21st, 2021

This week in our compilation tech news: Quebec is stopping a facial recognition company and Alexa is coming out with a festive update!

Why trust 8P Design for the creation of your website?

Thank you for choosing 8P Design for your digital agency. In this article, we recall the reasons that push our customers to make their final choice on 8P Design.

Latest technology news December 7th, 2021

This week in the 8P Design technology news compilation: 10 tips to increase traffic to your website and something new for Facebook once again!

10 blog post ideas to enhance your website

As Bill Gates would say in 1996, “Content Is King”. And he wasn't wrong. It's almost 2022, and content is another game-changer. Having a website is the least of all things for any online entrepreneur. But that's not enough. You must add a blog to share targeted content for your audience.

Latest technology news November 23rd, 2021

Once again, 8P Design brings you our compilation of tech news for the week! We can see, among other things, big announcements for Meta and Netflix!

Guide to getting started in the creation of a blog for your business

Here's some steps you can take to get started in the creation a blog for your business!

Latest technology news November 9th, 2021

Once again, 8P brings you our compilation of important news in the tech world. This week: Important news from Facebook and new features for two important remote working tools.

5 ways to boost your engagement on social media

Some ideas for to boost your social media engagement in order to increase brand presence online