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Weekend selection - June 21st

A security vulnerability at Firefox, All about advertising platforms, All about developers' 2019 habits, Well write communications, Incognito mode not that private ... The crop of news of the week has been good! Perfect to keep you busy during this long Weekend :-) Happy National Day of Quebec to all!

How to track the activity of your visitors

Do you know how many visitors read your last article today? Or how many puts a product in their basket without ever ending the transaction? You can know all this thanks to Events Tracking! Don't panic, we explain everything :-)

Weekend selection - June 14th

This week, we talk a bit about Facebook, its GDPR trial finally assumed against the Austrian but also the novelty of its users who makes the web talk ... We are also interested in Google that regulates the search results, posts on Instagram (news feed or Story?) and Apple that says bye to iTunes …

Weekend selection - June 07th

A new periodic table for SEO professionals, A hard time to pass for GAFA, Instagram tips, advertising on LinkedIn and Chatbots to dialogue for you ... This is what the digital news has us offered this week!

Well plan your campaign

It's not always easy to organize your campaign to increase your digital presence. By following these 6 small steps, you will have all the cards in hand to plan your campaign properly and ensure its success! Otherwise, plan campaigns, we like it ... Think about it :-)

Weekend selection - May 31st

Google is at the heart of the news this week with novelties but also fights ...: war on ad blockers, adding favicons to search results, war against inappropriate favicons, new schemas for search results "how to "... What to wave the web!

Weekend selection - May 24th

A new hard blow for Google, a failure in sight for the new operating system made by Huawei ... This week, the digital news speaks only of that! We also offer some articles to help you become professionals of SEO, of the new version of WordPress but also of marketing with advices you never imagined ...

How to prepare a meeting with a web agency

You have a project ? We can't wait to hear about it! You can now come to meet us, so we can help you build it together! Our team will guide you in every step. Otherwise, you can also take advantage of this small 11-step guide that will help you define your needs and thus prepare you for our first meeting!

Weekend selection - May 17th

This week is a bit special: we have chosen to focus our readings on Monday's WhatsApp cyberattack ... Find out if you've been touched, what you need to do to protect yourself and learn more about its origin!

How to improve the conversion rate of your e-commerce website?

What is a site conversion rate? Also known as the conversion rate, the ecommerce site conversion rate is the percentage of people that made a purchase compared to the total number of visitors to the site. For example if the number of visitors to your site over a specified period is 100 and only 8 buy, your conversion rate will be 8%.