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Weekend selection - March 20th 2020

The weekend selection has arrived! This week we are talking about Facebook and covid-19, management tools for teleworking, but also Youtube, GitHub and hackers.

How to use Tik Tok for businesses

Find out how is it interesting to use Tik Tok for your business. What are the marketing opportunities offered by the platform. How to succeed in your Tik Tok online strategy and get the best out.

Weekend selection - March 13th 2020

Here is the selection of the weekend! This week we're talking about new Twitter stories, marketing ideas, music playlists on LinkedIn, a study on "Zero Clicks" and an application that transforms your written notes!

Weekend selection - March 6th 2020

The weekend selection is back! Google indexing, Twitter moderation, Facebook advertising, web marketing and video creation are the subjects that tempt you? It's perfect, they are all in our weekend selection!

Why SEO guarantees are false promises?

SEO is becoming more and more important to hope to obtain results from its website. However, when you hire an expert, you should definitely avoid false promises such as "I'll get you to the first page of Google results". Let's find out why.

Weekend selection - September 27th 2019

Our press review of the week will tell you what's new on Pinterest, Twitter and Google, but you'll also have a little content marketing course!

How to use Pinterest for your business

Pinterest can be a goldmine for your business. Here's how to create a professional Pinterest account and why to use it.

Weekend selection - September 20th 2019

Every week, we keep you updated on the digital news: tips for your e-commerce, new performance tools, new interfaces ... What guarantee a successful start to your project!

Weekend selection - September 13th 2019

Every week, we keep you up to date on the digital news: Advertising, Marketing, Networks and SEO ... It's in our selection of the weekend!

How to use Instagram for your business

Instagram is THE social network in vogue for professionals today. It could be your solution to gain visibility and notoriety. So, setting up your profile is essential! Check out this little guide to help you :-)