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The latests technological news -May 29th 2020

 8P-Design presents its selection of articles on the latest digital news:

Why should you optimize images from your website

Images have a very important role in the performance of your site. It's important to optimize them to ensure you a top-notch SEO and successful user experience!

How to counter ad blockers for publisher

The use of ad blockers by your visitors can hurt your income and the UX of your site... How to win the trust of your users to drop their guard and disable their blocker advertising?

Our week end's selection - May 22nd 2020

Each week, we keep you updated on digital news: advice for your e-commerce, new performance tools, new marketing strategies ... So what's new in the world this week?

Why create a Facebook store for your business?

Why is it worth selling on Facebook by synchronizing your online store and creating one even if you do not have an existing e-commerce site?

Our week-end's selection - 15/05/2020

Each week, we keep you updated on digital news: advice for your e-commerce, new performance tools, new interfaces ... So what's up in the world this week?

Is the "Incognito mode" REALLY private?

We often use the "private browsing" mode to protect ourselves on the web ... But are we really protected by it? Here's what you don't know about this "incognito" mode!

7 Websites for Royalty Free Contents

Royalty free doesn't mean free use! Here's everything you need to know about creative commons licenses and small tools to find your content.

Weekend selection - March 20th 2020

The weekend selection has arrived! This week we are talking about Facebook and covid-19, management tools for teleworking, but also Youtube, GitHub and hackers.

How to use Tik Tok for businesses

Find out how is it interesting to use Tik Tok for your business. What are the marketing opportunities offered by the platform. How to succeed in your Tik Tok online strategy and get the best out.