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Web Security and updates

Articles on the essential practices in Web security and the world of security updates linked to your Website.


You think you've been hacked? Here's what to do...

Here are a few guidelines if you want to keep your accounts safe from being hacked.

How to protect your personal data

Very present in the news, the sharing of personal data is a subject that raises questions: Does it affect us? How to protect ourselves?

Is the "Incognito mode" REALLY private?

We often use the "private browsing" mode to protect ourselves on the web ... But are we really protected by it? Here's what you don't know about this "incognito" mode!

The importance of unique and complex passwords

In order to benefit from the functionality of certain websites and web applications, we are all forced to provide a password to authenticate us …

Should I update my Wordpress site?

Wordpress updates are numerous, often they are useful, sometimes they are less so, do you really need to update your Wordpress?