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Which one to choose between multi-channel, cross-channel and omnichannel strategy ?

For your company's digital strategy, it is necessary to better understand the issues related to multi-channel, cross-channel and omnichannel marketing. This article explains the difference between these three strategies.

10 essential tools for digital marketing

Digital marketing brings together all the methods and business practices that take place on the internet (communication on social networks, online stores, blogs, etc.). Managing this type of resource takes time and organization. Fortunately, there are specialized tools for digital marketing that will help you manage and maintain your digital presence. In this article, 8P-Design presents 10 of them !

How to effectively combine digital and traditional marketing?

With the meteoric rise of digital marketing in recent years, traditional marketing remains in the shadows and is sometimes even forgotten by companies. However, it remains an essential base that must be exploited. In this article, 8P-Design explains how to effectively combine digital and traditional marketing.

How to create an effective content strategy

In this article, learn about the key steps you can take to create a content strategy that works for your business.

How to use Snapchat for businesses

The Snapchat instant photo app is mostly used by the younger generation and influencers ... but it also turns out to be a very effective tool in a company's web strategy.

5 things to know about Google Analytics

What are the 5 key points to know to use Google Analytics effectively?

5 Best Social Media Management Tools

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter... discover the steps and tips to learn how to manage your social networks with 5 tools that will make your life easy!

How to counter ad blockers for publisher

The use of ad blockers by your visitors can hurt your income and the UX of your site... How to win the trust of your users to drop their guard and disable their blocker advertising?

How to use Pinterest for your business

Pinterest can be a goldmine for your business. Here's how to create a professional Pinterest account and why to use it.

How to track the activity of your visitors

Do you know how many visitors read your last article today? Or how many puts a product in their basket without ever ending the transaction? You can know all this thanks to Events Tracking! Don't panic, we explain everything :-)