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Here are our articles specialized in Web marketing and written by experts in the field.


8 steps to create an effective marketing strategy

8P Design presents 8 steps to create an effective marketing strategy for your business.

How to set up an effective advertising campaign on Facebook

As a Web Agency, we know that effective Facebook campaigns are essential to a marketing strategy. Here are some tips to remember when you invest in your campaigns.

10 topics ideas for you business newsletter

Do you find it difficult to start an engagement with your audience through your newsletters? Here's 10 topics to address!

How to integrate a newsletter into your marketing strategy

The newsletter is a marketing tool that should not be overlooked! Here are the steps to add this tool to your marketing strategy.

What is natural referencing or SEO ?

Natural referencing or SEO helps to display your page or website on the first page of Google, in order to give it more visibility. Here are 7 key SEO steps to ensure good exposure.

Why use an agency for your social media marketing

Learn about the advantages of working with an agency to manage your social networks

Guide to getting started with social media marketing

Find out how to get started in social media marketing with tips and tricks!

How to promote your web content

Discover 9 methods and that allow you to effectively promote your web content.

10 essential tools for teleworking

You prefer to work at home or you have no choice at the moment? Here is a list of 10 tools that will make you a productive telework pro in 2021, a year of remote working.

What is Growth Hacking ?

Find out everything about Growth Hacking, this strategy for optimizing the growth of your business to achieve strong growth but at low cost.