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Drupal: What you need to know

Just like Wordpress, Drupal is a tool that allows you to create a website with the only difference that it requires some

Why trust 8P Design for the creation of your website?

Thank you for choosing 8P Design for your digital agency. In this article, we recall the reasons that push our customers to make their final choice on 8P Design.

5 steps to start the design of a business website

5 things to do before you start building a website that meets your needs!

What language do you need to know to create your website ?

Discover the different programming languages that you will need in the design of your website.

Our feedback on 10 popular WordPress plugins

What are the 10 most useful and beneficial WordPress plugins for your website? Discover our detailed selection!

The main differences between WordPress and Drupal

What are the differences between Wordpress / Drupal and how do I choose the best CMS for my needs? Advantages and disadvantages. Discover the comparison!