6 reasons to use Twitter as a business

6 reasons to use Twitter as a business

Shortly after its launch in March 2006, Twitter quickly became a social network expert in virality. It's a discovery-driven platform that allows you to publish shorter content. Certainly, Facebook and Instagram are ways that can increase your visibility and the reach of your information.

But have you considered using Twitter for business purposes? Discover 6 reasons that can motivate you to use Twitter for your business.

6 raisons d'utiliser twitter en tant qu'entreprise

Twitter is another popular platform for visibility

Twitter is a popular social network with over 145 million daily users today.

One of the best ideas to gain visibility on the net is to register on several social networks. That's why Twitter is a good choice for diversification and for reaching a different audience.

Indeed, the online presence on several platforms, including Twitter, allows you to reach different audiences, to easily convey the image of your company, the name of your brand and your services and services.

Be aware that not all of your social media accounts will have the same impact and go through the same process. But the impact will be greater and the results will be much more important to your business.

Twitter brings traffic to your website

Twitter is a social network that allows its users to post tweets, which are short posts. Very often these are summaries and direct links to your site to generate more traffic. Plus, these tweets may appear in Google search results and come at no cost.

Thus, a company's Twitter account is a very good complementary tool to natural referencing and also allows you to increase the interaction of Internet users with your website. So you need to make sure that your tweets are relevant.

Twitter's a specific monitoring tool

Twitter is not only a tool for sharing information, but also a valuable source of information. It's generally used by companies to closely follow the news for competitive intelligence purposes. Also, Twitter has many built-in tools to help you with this task. Twitter search is for example a tool allowing you to target keywords and follow their RSS feed.

You can also observe comments about your competitors and get inspiration from their reviews.

6 raisons d'utiliser twitter en tant qu'entreprise

Twitter promotes discussion and engagement with your customers

Twitter is a platform that facilitates communication between companies and their customers.

It helps with collecting opinions about your business and gives you the opportunity to react in real time. This strengthens the loyalty of your customers since they will see that you care about their questions. In doing so, you build a better image.

Likewise, by responding to the most absurd tweets and criticisms you are demonstrating quality customer support and listening to serve. Failure to respond is damaging to your reputation. Twitter allows you to strengthen your bonds with your customers through communication.

Using hashtags to your advantage

Unlike other social media, the use of hashtags is more popular on Twitter. Using hashtags in a tweet makes it easier to target audiences and increases the visibility of your post.

Come to think of it, the hashtag is what made Twitter popular and invited Facebook, Google plus or Instagram to the ring. A lot of people use hashtags to see content that interests them.

Hashtags are great for business profiles, but you have to know how to use them and not abuse them. It is advisable to use less than 3 hashtags per tweet and choose the right ones. Ritetags is a tool that advises you on choosing the right hashtags.

Twitter to analyze your competitors and their audience

Twitter gives you the ability to research how your competition interacts with customers and followers, what types of information they post, and how often they post. In addition, you can identify the posts of your competitors that receive the most comments or the posts that are shared the most. A simple trick to analyzing your competition is to subscribe their tweets with different identities.

6 raisons d'utiliser twitter en tant qu'entreprise

In a few sentences, let's remember that:

No matter what industry you are in, social media marketing is needed to grow your business. You must therefore choose your social network carefully, but it's safer to diversify your social networks in order to reach more audiences. And Twitter is proving to be an excellent choice for this diversification.

Finally, note that the development of the online presence is a service that some companies outsource, especially in the management of social medias.