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Our SEO experts will optimize your website by improving your ranking on search engine results and giving a wider visibility to your brand.

Organic SEO for your website

Our SEO agency, advise and support companies in order to establish with them the right ORGANIC Web SEO strategy, the most appropriate techniques to fit their needs and the most effective strategy in achieving their objectives.

Optimize your SEO and increase your turnover and your reputation!

SEO brings together different techniques to improve the positioning of a website on search engines, mainly Google, but also others according to your industry targets.

The organic SEO (non-paying) of a website is linked to the content strategy chosen for your web pages and the relevance of the pages layout to optimize positioning on search engines.

We work our SEO strategy in the following manner:

Briefing et Stratégie

1. Google Webmaster Tools audit

We will analyze data provided by Google Webmaster Tools to monitor what keywords helped find your brand and see what are the ones that could be implemented to improve your performances.

Briefing et Stratégie

2. Relevant keywords definition

Our SEO experts, will go through your brand's field and your competitors to offer keywords with strong added value that will enable improvement in your web pages' quality.

Briefing et Stratégie

3. Code and content optimization

We will boost your website's loading speed and add optimized content filled with keywords to bump up your ranking on search engines.

Briefing et Stratégie

4. Google Analytics implementation for a full statistics follow-up 

We will implement Google Analytics to your website to analyze your visitors by dividing them into segments. For instance, we will be able to see how many of your visitors come from Quebec or the average time they spend on your website. This will be used to refine your Web strategy.

Briefing et Stratégie

5. Search engines submission

We will have your website approved by search engines so that it will be added to their index.

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We have developed packages to show you what kind of work we do to improve your site's presence on search engines. We are flexible and will adapt our plan to your needs based on what the preparatory audits and our discussions on your market-making objectives will reveal. So these plans are only indicative. Contact us to meet with our SEO Experts

SpecificationsOur experts will work on these aspects with you
LanguageFrench or EnglishFrench and EnglishFrench, English and a third language
Targeted phrases31020
Long-term phrases (unlimited)  
Monthly follow-up  
Monthly Activity Report
Set-up and configuration
SEO Strategy
Technical audit of the site
Competitive audit 
UX audit of the site  
Audit of social networks  
Sales Audit and Conversions  
Action Plan
Keyword Study
Study for long tail keywords  
Setting up tracking accounts and Google Accounts
Google Analytics Configuration
Google Search Console Configuration
Google Business Setup
Website optimization
Optimization of metas
Heading optimization
URL optimization 
Optimization of long-tail traffic  
Optimizing the customer experience UX  
Links to redirect 
Creating sending sitemap.xml file, robots.txt
Image optimization
Optimization of product pages, or blog or other pages.  
Optimization of call to action  
Integration of site optimizations
Integration of SEO optimizations
Other Site Structure ChangesOptionsOptionsOptions
Resaerch for incoming links opportunities 
Monitering the SEO
Traffic Position Report and Conversions 
Maintaining and improving SEO of the site 
Monthly optimization report  
Conversions Report  
Competitive Intelligence 
Articles per month124
Other marketing options
Facebook Business Ads   
Creating visuals for sharing   
Video presentation creation   
Creation of articles   
Adwords Campaigns   
Creation of newsletters   
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