Why use an agency for your social media marketing

social media marketing

You know, social medias are essential tools for a successful marketing strategy nowadays. They are the best way to advertise your business to a large audience.

According to web usage stats for 2021, by Hootsuite and We Are Social, it turns out that there are 3.5 billion active users on social media every single day. Every entrepreneur should not give up the potential of these marketing and sales channels.

On May 25, 2021, we published an article to get you started in social media marketing. However, it's not always a simple task to manage your accounts on your own. This is what this article deals with: it's possible to trust an agency to take care of your social medias for you and the benefits that it could bring you!

Marketing réseaux sociaux

An agency can target your key audience and make sure the content is appropriate

Involving professionals in the management of your social media accounts can have a real impact on your results and participate in the growth of your business.

You are dealing with professionals

By entrusting the management of your social medias to a community management agency, you have a whole team of professionals at your disposal. The agencies bring together a large number of qualified professional experts who specifically combine strategies and adapt effectively to the realities of your clients.

One of the main reasons you should trust an agency is therefore that these agencies are made up of experts brimming with creativity, constantly renewing their ideas. They therefore know how to create effective content.

You can save time

When you invest your time on social media, it pays off for your brand. But it can be time consuming if you do it yourself. It would be for example:

  • Plan the publication of your content
  • Optimize planned content
  • Share your content
  • Finally, monitor their progress and then communicate with your customers.

According to a study, companies spend an average of 10 hours per week on social media marketing.

By entrusting these different tasks to an agency, you can invest this time in other activities of your business to better develop while still achieving your marketing goals.

Don't we often say that it's best to focus on the things you master the most and let the experts take care of the rest?

Experts can analyze your competition

As we said earlier, the strength of the agencies lies in the diversity of their experts in different fields (health, science, sport, politics, etc.). Thus, they regularly update their information. Outsourcing the management of your social networks to an agency offers the advantage of constant and in-depth competitor analysis and media monitoring of your sector.

As a result, you are up to date with market trends, your industry, and will be better able to differentiate yourself from your competition and build compelling sales arguments.

Marketing réseaux sociaux

The agency creates a strategy adapted to your needs

A social media strategy is the set of goals you want to achieve on social media and the steps you take to get there.

Thanks to its teams and their expertise at its disposal, an agency specializing in social media strategies offers you strategies that meet your expectations and meet your needs. Our experts take care of improvement as your goals grow.

An agency can analyze the results of your platforms and keep track of the goals

To be sure of the impact of your company's social media presence, you also need to measure your results. It's by measuring and monitoring a certain number of KPIs that you will have if your initial objectives are reached.

Thus, the analysis allows you to collect data of the results of your strategies to better improve them.

A qualified agency is the best solution to analyze the results of your marketing campaign and to do an excellent follow-up of your objectives. They can make the necessary changes to achieve your goals.

Marketing réseaux sociaux

By using an agency, 

You save yourself the headache of managing your social networks and you save more time. In addition, it gives you an outside opinion of professionals who put their skills at your disposal to achieve your goals on social networks. Thus, to help you manage your business activities online, 8P Design provides you with a team of social media management experts who will help you:

  • Work the brand of your business,
  • And do the advertising campaign according to your expected results on the other hand.