10 post ideas for your social media

10 post ideas for your social media

Social networks have become an essential communication tool. They allow companies to improve their relationship with their customers, increase their turnover, adjust their corporate culture, improve brand awareness, share news and retain customers.

Therefore, there's many advantages to using social medias today.

We offer you 10 ideas for posts to keep your social networks active.

Social media marketing

Having a good social media marketing strategy is all about combining all the things you hope to do and  that you hope to accomplish on social media. It guides your actions and shows you your successes and failures.

The more precise your strategy, the more effective it will be. It is best to keep it concise. All in all, avoid overly ambitious or overly broad goals otherwise they will be difficult to achieve and measure.

So here are 10 effective marketing strategies you can explore:

10 idées de publications pour vos réseaux sociaux

1. Team presentations

Social media users generally like to know the human beings behind a company. The presentation of the team therefore consisted in knowing all the key human resources of your company.

By putting your team and your company forward, you also convey a transparent image, which sets you apart from companies in the same sector that do not disclose any operational information.

From a marketing perspective, this type of social media post can help:

  • Extend your influence on Facebook
  • Recruit new followers on Instagram or twitter.

You can also do more creative by broadcasting video interviews, photos, testimonials that relate to the presentation of each member of your team

2. Create a weekly or monthly serie

The creation of a weekly or monthly serie consists of the creation of a type of content in several episodes. This is how your strategy will have certain brands opt for the frequent broadcast of interviews, obviously when this meets the objectives of their social networks.

A weekly interview, for example, already makes your users aware that they'll have specific content on a given day. The same goes for the organization of a periodic contest, a storytelling broadcast, an advice section, etc.

If you have a newsletter, then let your subscribers know about this new series in order to trigger engagement from that existing base. This will allow you to maintain a strong commitment with your community to the published content.

3. Publish behind-the-scenes photos or videos of your offices or business operations

Usually, you can only see a company from the outside (public events, well calibrated company videos…), and more. In these decades of "all digital", it's not always believed that a company operating especially online has localized teams with a corporate culture and physical interactions.

Sharing “behind the scenes” content allows your audiences to immerse themselves in the business world and understand how it works. The effect is that it makes the company more authentic and more human in the eyes of prospects or customers.

4. Share your achievements and testimonials from your customers

Do you ever want to buy a product or service for the first time and want to find out what other customers are saying?

As you know, customer testimonials have many huge benefits. It's a great idea for content production. Your achievements are there, and they testify to your know-how and your professionalism. Customer stories speak for the reputation of your business.

A little creativity with Canva or a simple video editing software, and you can align recurring content on your social media pages. The positive effect is that it strengthens your credibility with potential customers. They will want to use your service or your products.

5. Answer frequently asked questions

You must frequently receive questions from your audience and you need to give them a satisfactory answer. When these questions are recurring, you can create an FAQ. But if you're lacking the inspiration to post recurring content, this is one avenue for you to explore.

Indeed, you can bring these questions back into visual creations and ask your audience about them. Some of your users know the answer, and could therefore show commitment around the post to help others. If the audience is still shy or cold, then you can provide the answer or your other questions.

10 idées de publications pour vos réseaux sociaux

6. Share your business story

Usually, the “about” part of your website already tells the story of your business. However, you'd be surprised to know that many of your customers do not know this story.

Making publications on this history consists of defining a line or a sequence of publications in the form of storytelling or stories on certain networks (Facebook, Instagram for example). These stories will tell where you came from, who you are and where you are going.

By telling the story of your business, you can thus create an overview and describe how it was built in an interesting way.

7. Post surveys about your products or services

The survey is often presented as a series of questions that you ask your audience to get their opinion on the content previously published or on a product that you promote.

Surveys are an ideal tool for collecting a variety of data and information from your audience. Whether it's to find out more about their current trends or their reaction to a new feature, a new service, you can find out very quickly by posting a survey.

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram offer several features for posting polls or engaging surveys.

8. Share your blog posts

You have a website for your business, great. The best way to get your published articles to a larger audience is to share them on social media too. Not only does this drive traffic to your site, but you can reach new subscribers.

Small tip if your site is under WordPress, plugins can allow you to see all your articles published on Facebook once uploaded via WordPress. In this case, you will need to modify the content on Facebook afterwards, if for example you need to modify the small descriptive message.

9. Don't forget the important holidays and those a little wacky

The atmosphere at parties and special events is very special. Several brands are seizing these opportunities to engage their communities on social media. Promotions, discounts, sales, new products, and even messages of encouragement or greetings are all ways to engage your customers.

When promoting or disseminating information, remember to use a tone appropriate for the festive time. If possible and relevant to you, your graphic designer can update your site design for the benefit of the current event. It makes the customer want to experience a festive moment with your company.

10. Publish infographics

Do you have specific data for your customers, your industry? Are they statistics, little-known figures? If so, you have enough to publish infographics like "did you know ?".

Even though these are generally known data, your designers can design a visual with your visual identity to make a difference. Think in the case of Covid-19, all these brands that conveyed the same message on barrier gestures, but with the unique colors of their brands.

Infographics are great for increasing target audience engagement. They're easy to share and can spread quickly.

10 idées de publications pour vos réseaux sociaux

En conclusion,

You will probably notice that most of the ideas shared revolve around visual creations. Indeed, it's a fact: social media posts that come with an image or visual generate more engagement than texts. It's the same with mini-videos versus images.

Either way, the key to developing your marketing strategy is understanding the mindset of your audience. Regardless of the content, it's important to post consistently on social media. It's one of the best methods to retain your customers. If you want an agency to take care of your social medias, 8P Design is there for you!