How to generate trafic on your website using social media

How to generate trafic on your website using social media

Social media is really important to use whend trying to drive traffic to your website. If your targets are on social media, it's necessary to integrate the appropriate social media channels into your communications strategies, especially external ones. Among other things, social networks allow:

  • Improve the ranking of your website in the search engines.
  • Attract more traffic to your website.
  • Generate new prospects and partners.
  • Manage customer relations at the perfect time.
  • Monitor your target audience constantly.
  • To a large extent ensure the reputation of your online business.

Social media is a way of connecting with customers and future customers.

Comment générer du trafic

Interact with your listeners

It's important to create a relationship with the subscribers, they are more likely to want to know more. Realize that your subscribers or consumers are all searching for information, meaning and transparency. If your audience is on social media, you will need to engage with them to build your brand awareness.

Indeed, it's necessary to understand how the social media on which your targets are active works. This will allow you to write a message better suited to the network but also to your target. Then notice that your targets expect you to talk to them as they communicate with each other.

Use effective call to action

In marketing, call to action (CTA) refers to a tool or form of communication used to encourage a prospect or user to take an action.

Most often used in the implementation of an inbound marketing strategy, the CTA helps convert the user into a qualified lead. Each CTA must therefore lead the user to perform a specific and precise task.

Consistently add links to your website

It's important to put links from your social media posts to your website. For example, to generate traffic on facebook, you can shorten your links and embed them in your posts. Do this every time you post to encourage your listeners to find the information they need on your website.

Indeed, the reputation of your site largely depends on its natural referencing. So to get there you will need to set up a netlinking strategy. Netlinking is the act of creating external or anchored hypertext links to your website. Its main objective is to improve the visibility of your business on the net. This strategy helps drive traffic to the sites or pages you want to promote.

Comment générer du trafic

Offer engaging, original and easy-to-share content

Writing content on social media increases your brand's visibility. It also helps position you as an expert in your field. So it's important to post original and engaging content. Everything you publish will thus follow an editorial line.

In order to follow up to offer engaging content, be sure to:

  • Diversify your content

Today's internet user is on the lookout for new things. While knowing your market, sometimes you need to post content outside of your area of focus. This helps the user not to get bored with your posts.

  • Authenticate your content

Sharing personal content is a way to present the human side of your business in a way. The Internet user therefore feels closer to your brand.

  • Focus on quality over quantity

Paying attention to the quantity isn't bad, but the quality is even better. Most important is a limited amount of qualified target audience. This way you can be sure that you are reaching the right audience.

  • Create engaging content

Seasonally, launch surveys, in order to allow your Internet users to participate in challenges. These challenges organized from time to time help establish a relationship closer to your target audience. 

  • Post consistently

The number of active users on social networks continues to increase each year. And so social medias have half of the world's population online at all times. This requires your consistent engagement with your targets on these channels.

Regular publication on social medias allows you to make yourself known. But by making the publication consistent, it sets you apart from the exponential mass of information. It fuels your news feed, increases your chance in number of views and develops the relationship with your community.

It' not important to post a lot, but more consistently. The important thing is to have an editorial calendar and stick to it.

Comment générer du trafic

Pour conclure, 

Now that you know how to increase social media engagement, know that creating social media content requires a specific strategy to get results. The frequency of posts is one of the main levers for the success of social media strategies. So be sure to regularly distribute relevant content by modifying it as much as possible.  

If you don’t have the time to take care of your social media internally, don’t hesitate to hire an agency, like 8P Design, to make your life easier. We know that publishing regularly on your platforms can take a long time, we're here to do it for you, and efficiently.

We can create a strategy tailored to your needs and your business.