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Our Weekend selection

A selection of favorite articles within the agency that we’ve found out there and gladly share with you.


Weekend selection - September 27th 2019

Our press review of the week will tell you what's new on Pinterest, Twitter and Google, but you'll also have a little content marketing course!

Weekend selection - September 20th 2019

Every week, we keep you updated on the digital news: tips for your e-commerce, new performance tools, new interfaces ... What guarantee a successful start to your project!

Weekend selection - September 13th 2019

Every week, we keep you up to date on the digital news: Advertising, Marketing, Networks and SEO ... It's in our selection of the weekend!

Weekend selection - September 06th 2019

This week, the press talks about new features in Firefox and WordPress, the new Facebook security hole, and Instagram tips.

Weekend selection - August 30th 2019

Here are 5 new articles to be update on the digital news! As you know, social networks are indispensable marketing tools for your social presence!

Weekend selection - August 23rd 2019

Tips for your video and marketing strategy, new features on YouTube, Facebook and Google ... All you need to know about digital news is in our Weekend Selection!

Weekend selection - August 16th 2019

This week, the news has turned much around social networks: Instagram and Twitter are improving, Facebook still at the heart of a problem concerning the personal data of its users, but also the novelty on the Huawei Case ... This is in our Weekend selection!

Weekend selection - August 09th 2019

Did you know? Google still has indexing problems ... But to console you we also have good news! The direct messaging of Instagram and Facebook will merge, you will soon be able to schedule your posts on Instagram, and you have even found some tips for your marketing strategies!

Weekend selection - July 19th 2019

You wanted tips on twitter, on your marketing campaigns, some small tools for your creations, to see the new emojis, to know what a Callbot is ... That's good, we found articles for you!

Weekend selection - July 12th 2019

Did you know? Google launches a new social network! But that's not all, there are tools to create your own fonts, tips to move your Facebook community and informations to deindex from Google ... It's in our selection of the weekend!