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We treat various topics that we find interesting for our readers. But arghh… we could not classify those!


How do I get email headers in my email software?

Electronic mail headers, also known as email headers, contain important information about the sender, recipient, email routing server, and other details.

How to read and understand email message header ?

An e-mail is a message sent from one computer or mobile phone to another over the Internet. Today, its usefulness in the world is well established.

Our 10 favourites tool as a web agency

8P Design presents the 10 tools we use for easy collaboration between the team, our clients and our freelancers!

5 good habits to adopt for your business 2022

Do you want to adopt new habits for your business for the new year? 8p Design offers you 5 effective and productive ones!

10 blog post ideas to enhance your website

As Bill Gates would say in 1996, “Content Is King”. And he wasn't wrong. It's almost 2022, and content is another game-changer.

Guide to getting started in the creation of a blog for your business

Here's some steps you can take to get started in the creation a blog for your business!

5 steps to create your visual identity on the web

Visual identity, logo, brand, company indices, corporate brand, graphic charter, graphic element.

Everyday life: How Big Data is part of it

How is Big Data used in our daily life? This article explores the question.

Guide to integrate freelance into your business

Winning approach, tips and advice for integrating a freelancer into your hiring strategy.

How to choose your web browser ?

Each web browser has unique characteristics and will correspond to a certain type of person. That’s why you have to choose carefully. 8P will help you to make this choice by describing the differences between existing browsers.