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We treat various topics that we find interesting for our readers. But arghh… we could not classify those!


5 steps to create your visual identity on the web

Visual identity, logo, brand, company indices, corporate brand, graphic charter, graphic element.

Everyday life: How Big Data is part of it

How is Big Data used in our daily life? This article explores the question.

Guide to integrate freelance into your business

Winning approach, tips and advice for integrating a freelancer into your hiring strategy.

How to choose your web browser ?

Each web browser has unique characteristics and will correspond to a certain type of person. That’s why you have to choose carefully. 8P will help you to make this choice by describing the differences between existing browsers.

Big Data: what you need to know as a business

Discover the concept of Big Data and how to use it for your business

How to successfully complete the digital transformation of your business ?

Here are 3 tips to ensure you successfully complete the digital transformation of your business.

10 essential tools for teleworking

You prefer to work at home or you have no choice at the moment? Here is a list of 10 tools that will make you a productive telework pro in 2021, a year of remote working.

How to improve your productivity at work?

Productivity at work is essential. But did you know that there are tips and methods to improve it? Find out which are the most relevant in the following article.

404 errors : how and why to fix them ?

404 errors are plagues for the performance of your website. How to find them? How to correct them? This article will tell you everything!

Apple mail: How to archive your mails locally to free your server folder?

About 293 billion emails are sent every day. These accumulate in our mailboxes and overwhelm our server files. But then how can we archive the mails of our choice locally while leaving them accessible so that we can respond to them or even forward them? In this article we will explain how to do that with Apple Mail.