5 Best Social Media Management Tools

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Social networks is the advertising medium you need! From the very small business to the multinational, investing these platforms has become essential to ensure visibility but also generate sales. "Go where the customer is" this is the new marketing 2.0 credo and businesses are complying with it.

Tips for successful social media management

To build your strategy on social networks, you must mature your project and define the outlines in order to optimally exploit the resources available to you:

  1. Define performance indicators: for an effective social networking strategy, start by defining your goals. Indeed, if for some, gaining notoriety represents the ultimate goal, others want to make sales and make their presence profitable on these platforms. Once the indicators are defined, it will be easier to define the sequence of operations and the path to adopt.
  2. Use multiplatform management software: keeping a regularity in your publications on all social networks requires a lot of time and investment on your part. Invest in social media management software such as Buffer or Hootsuit that will allow you to centralize all your activities in one place and save a lot of time by publishing all your content, anywhere, almost instantly. In addition, you can program everything so you do not have to deal with it in real time!
  3. Create an editorial calendar: editorial calendars represent the elements of your strategy that you will put into execution and allows you to keep a regularity in your publications. Once the results are obtained, you will be able to evaluate them but also to interpret them to optimize your future actions.
  4. Monitor the activity: if you want your community to interact with you, you must be present! Make regular checks to respond to comments, find new accounts to follow, search for future subscribers, show that you exist.
  5. Analyze your own strategy: compare your results with those of the competition to optimize your strategy and boost your visibility to define your future actions. There are many social networking platforms designed to help you save time, but also extract certain trends and tailor your strategy to the expectations of your community.

5 essential tools to help you manage your social networks

Planning a successful content marketing strategy takes a lot of time that you probably do not want to waste on unnecessary details. Fortunately, there are many social networking platforms designed to help you reduce the time you spend executing your strategy. They will help you manage content, plan your strategy, and evaluate your performance.

  1. Hootsuite
  2. Buffer
  3. Sprout Social
  4. AgoraPulse
  5. Tweetdeck

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the most reputable managers to take care of your social networks. And for good reason! It allows you to manage 35 social networking platforms through a single tool!

With its multi-function dashboard, you'll be able to track all of your social networking activity on a single window that will compile the bulk of your business to follow what it says about you and what you're doing. In addition, Hootsuit allows you to automatically program different publications on your social networks. You can download a .cvs file and schedule hundreds of publications to publish at different times of the day, week, month and year at your convenience.


  • Free trial: it offers a free 30-day trial period that allows you to try out the different features and get used to the ways to work with this tool.
  • Multi-manager: it allows you to manage your accounts on 35 different social networks
  • Analysis: it allows you to keep an eye on the statistics of all your social networks
  • It's one of the few social media marketing tools to support managing multiple YouTube accounts from the dashboard, as well as the ability to schedule video posts on your social networking profiles.

Good to know:

  • Old user interface that is not constantly updated
    Limited post-editing options: previews are difficult to edit, publications can not be moved to drafts after planning.
    Pricing: the professional plan for a user is $29/month. There is also a "team" plan that offers a package for a 3-user collaboration for $129/month.

    2. Buffer

    Buffer is a leading player in the social networking tools market. It meets the needs of individual users and large teams, accommodating up to 26 people in a single account. Enjoy the free trial to get an idea :)


    • Reasonable price: the first pro plan is at $ 15 / month for a user
    • Analysis filter: you can filter the analyzes by publication type (video, image...), by date, or by popularity, and then download the data to analyze your performance.
    • Multi-users: you can go up to 26 users on the platform
    • Revision: a two-step content review process. A publication may be written by one person and reviewed by another member of the team.

    Good to know:

    • No view of the calendar, which does not allow to follow upstream its contents
    • Lack of suggestions for best viewing times or content suggestions
    • No social inbox, which forces the user to use the default tools
    • No social listening function to follow what he says about his brand.

      3. Sprout Social

      For major brands and agencies, Sprout Social is the most expensive social media management tool on the market. The lack of a free plan makes it difficult to access for a very small business for example. However, you can test the tool's capacity during a free 30-day trial.


      • Interface: it is very easy to use and allows intuitive handling of the application
      • Multi-user function pushed with different levels of users
      • Viral Post: a tool that analyzes the activity of your audience to determine the best viewing times.

      Good to know:

      • Rather expensive: the first standard plan is $ 99 / month, which is higher than the market average.
      • No integration with YouTube, that is very appreciated. 
      • Unable to publish on Facebook groups offered by the competition
      • Digital image library available only in the advanced map

        4. AgoraPulse

        The offer of AgoraPulse is similar to its competitor in terms of uses for a medium-sized brand. It covers the core functions of social media management - from publishing to queuing, to engagement with subscribers. A free 28-day trial is offered to test your abilities.


        • Recycling: AgoraPulse is one of the few social media management tools that allow you to recycle permanent content.
        • Inbox Assistant: It allows you to create rules to manage messages automatically.

        Good to know:

        • No media library or image library to aggregate its networks which penalizes the creation of content
        • Impossible to boost the publications on Facebook to promote its activity
        • Unable to customize reports
        • Quite expensive: the medium plan is $89/month and allow you to add users for $15/user. A rather high price compared to other platforms.

          5. TweetDeck

          TweetDeck is a social media dashboard app for managing Twitter accounts. Originally an independent application, TweetDeck was later acquired by Twitter Inc. and integrated into the Twitter interface.


          • Easy to navigate interface: everything is centralized on one page!
          • Multi-pseudonym: It allows you to view and manage multiple Twitter nicknames under a single browser tab.
          • Planning: Scheduling messages is also very easy.
          • It's free!

          Good to knowv:

          • No mobile app to track the activity on an external support
          • Unable to compose tweets with GIFs, which are very popular (and appreciated) on Twitter

            Bonus: Social Mention

            Social Mention is an online social media analytics platform that aggregates user-generated content into a single flow of information. This tool allows users to track and measure what other users say about them, their company, any new product, or any hot topic in the social media landscape of the Web.


            • Displays all your brand endorsements on social media to follow who says what about you
            • Define a score of your online activity to assess the quality of your communication
            • Free: The free version allows you 100 real-time searches and 2 alerts by email to be notified of the mention of your name on the networks.

            Good to know:

            • The tool encounters problems of sub-filtering keywords by feeling or by source which does not facilitate the reading of the data
            • No filters by sources: It does not offer the power to filter content sources and generate results via the API.

              You know everything!

              Article: 5 best social media management tools

              Each platform has its own differentiating elements and targets brand-specific needs that you will have to define. Before choosing a social networking software, it is important to clarify the goals of your marketing efforts but also the means you are willing to invest in achieving your marketing goals.

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