5 ways to boost your engagement on social media

Boost your engagement on social media

Social media engagement has a direct influence on your brand. It enables you to achieve the overall strategic goals of outreach and customer acquisition.

That's why getting likes, comments and shares from your different posts is good engagement. Which is measured by the number of people reached by your posts.

Social media engagement increases your business' presence online and allows subscribers to interact directly with your brand. Among other things, it provides clicks on the website, ensures a good presence on the web, helps develop proximity with customers. This interaction with subscribers creates a bond of trust and loyalty.

To understand the nuts and bolts of good engagement, learn 5 ways to increase your social media engagement in this article.

Engagement réseaux sociaux

1. Get to know your audience

Knowing your target audience can be summed up by the center of interest detected with them. This will let you know the type of content that may be of interest to them. So you intentionally know what to post on your pages to ensure reliable interaction.

In other words, knowing your audience allows you to know:

  • The type of content to publish;
  • Social media sites to post to;
  • The days and the time slot during which to publish.

If you know your audience, you'll be able to get them to engage with your posts easily.

To this end, analyzing the statistical results after each publication could help you to better orient yourself in relation to the cogs of your audience's knowledge. You will thus know the types of content that reach more people, that create more interaction on the page. You have to give your audience content that is likely to interest them.

2. Create some call to actions

One of the communication strategies used by most companies to get a user to click on a website and take an action is the “call to action”. It means in French "the call to action" and consists of inviting Internet users to take a specific action.

It is not uncommon to find expressions such as:

  • "Subscribe to our page to find out more";
  • “Are you satisfied with the service provided? Let us know in the comments! ";
  • "Download our document on ... to find out more";
  • "Activate the notification bell so you don't miss any more of our publications";
  • "Leave us your impressions in the comments down below"

These are phrases that regularly come up in posts to allow subscribers to take clear and specific action. The person will just have to take action.

This is one of the best techniques for building even more engagement on your pages.

Engagement réseaux sociaux

3. Be proactive

When you get people who are touched by the posts on your page to take an action, the important thing would be to take those issued actions into consideration.

You might ask them to leave you feedback about a product from your company. The best will then be to interact with them by replying regularly to the various comments and messages left by your subscribers. This not only increases engagement on your site, but creates a bond of closeness and trust between your business and your audience.

It's certain that your proactivity lets them know that they can write to you and receive responses quickly. It is also important to respond quickly to private messages you receive! This shows your customers, or future customers, that you care about their messages, their questions and their comments.

4. Put some work into your visuals

A publication that incorporates a visual creates even more interest than one that does not. Thus, it's necessary that the visual is of quality, captive, likely to attract the attention of Internet users. At the sight of such visuals, you already know what it's about such brand or such company.

For this reason, you must also pay attention to the different colors of your brand and be as original as possible. You can use tools like Canva to quickly create beautiful visuals that will grab people's attention on social media. You need to make them want to click on the posts and learn more about your business. Plus, while creating visuals can be very quick, they make it seem like you are paying special attention to your posts.

5. Organize challenges

Creating challenges or contests from time to time on your social platforms makes it possible to bring back your old customers, to retain new ones and likely to attract others. Several companies do this regularly on their various social medias. Challenges are therefore launched on both sides to reward the winner at the end of the challenge.

The whole point of these contests is that they are a great way to engage your community. It's also a “call to action” technique seen previously. Competitions allow participants to take specific actions to try their luck at winning a prize or a bet.

engagement réseaux sociaux

What to take away from engagement on social media?

You just have to remember that engagement allows you to achieve certain objectives for which you have created your website and your accounts on social networks.

Social medias are also unique in that they bring more clicks to your website, ensure your visibility and notoriety online while creating proximity to your customers.

If you're having challenges establishing a great social media presence, 8P Design can help. We are always happy to support entrepreneurs, VSEs, SMEs and others in this field. If you have a concern or request in this regard, please do not hesitate to write to us; We are here for you!