Weekend selection - March 20th 2020

Banner - Weekend selection - March 20th 2020

Here is your press review of the week with 5 new articles on technological news:

Hackers: How Are They Profiting From The Pandemic?

Original title: Coronavirus: how hackers and scammers take advantage of the pandemic

Information: French, Miscellaneous, March 18, 2020

Hackers are taking advantage of the current pandemic by lowering the vigil of people directly or indirectly affected by covid-19. So beware, if you receive emails or messages that you suspect are questionable, a hacker may be hiding behind them.

Facebook informs these users about covid-19 with an information panel

Original title: Facebook Adds New COVID-19 Information Panel to the Top of All User News Feeds

Information: English, Social networks, March 19, 2020

In order to counter false information or “fake news”, Facebook has just launched an information panel at the top of the Facebook feed allowing users to find out in real time about covid-19. A good initiative to fight against false information.

4 tools to facilitate teleworking

Original title: The management tools to favor during the telework period!

Information: French, Web Marketing, March 18, 2020

You may have spent the week working remotely. Here are 4 work management tools that will help you organize and work remotely. AnyDesk, WeTransfer, Monday, Breezy are tools you don't know? Check out this article to learn more.

Tubic: Discover this tool that improves your SEO on YouTube

Original title: Tubics: a tool to improve your SEO on YouTube and get more views!

Information: French, Natural referencing, March 19, 2020

If you have a YouTube channel, Tubic might just be the tool for you! Indeed, Tubic offers you a detailed analysis of your channel as well as personalized recommendations to boost the organic views of your videos. This tool will also improve the referencing of your videos and your views will take off with a snap of your finger! 

GitHub unveils its new mobile application

Original title: GitHub launches its new mobile application

Information: French, Miscellaneous, March 18, 2020

GitHub has just announced the launch of its new mobile application! You will be able to manage your tasks with the notification system, display and merge code but without modifying it and much more.

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