Weekend selection - May 31st

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This week, we focus our reading on :

  • Google finds a way to restrict the use of chrome advertising blockers
  • Google and its crusade against ad blockers
  • Google is adding favicons to all search results
  • Google goes on the hunt for inappropriate favicons in the new mobile SERP
  • Google reviews the "How To" schema to improve search results
  • Canva calls its users to change their password after a security breach

Google has found a way to restrict the use of chrome advertising blockers

Original title : "Google to restrict modern ad blocking Chrome extensions to enterprise users" – 9to5Google

Informations : English, Google, 29/05/2019

The Google Manifest V3 project announced last January will see the light of day. This project aims to limit the operation of ad blockers (including uBlock Origin or Ghostery) to prevent them from blocking ads before they are uploaded. An announcement that raises user dissatisfaction even if it is aimed primarily at business users.

Google and its crusade against ad blockers

Original title : "Google Chrome envisage toujours de tuer les bloqueurs de publicités" – Arobasenet

Information : French, Google, 30/05/2019

After several years of discussion, Google made the decision to implement its Manifest V3 project to slow down the work of advertising blockers on Chrome. But we can be reassured, this project is mainly for professional users of chrome who will have the opportunity to create their own extension.  

Google is adding favicons to all search results ! 

Original title: "Google is Adding Favicons to All Search Results" – Search Engine Journal

Information : English, Google, 22/05/2019

Google has just refreshed the search results by improving their design: now, the page presents the favicon and the URL of the site above its name. This change should accelerate the browsing of Internet users in the lists of search results on their mobile!

When users abuse the favicons of the new mobile SERP

Original title : "Google lutte contre l'abus de favicons dans les SERP mobiles" – Blog du modérateur

Information : French, SEO, 29/05/2019

Google has launched its new SERP (* Search Engine Results Page) incorporating favicons next to the URL and users have already abused ... Ostentatious signs, inappropriate icons or non-representative of the page, Google goes hunting and replace them with favicons by default.

Google reviews the "How To" schema to improve search results

Original title : "A guide to implementing Google's "How-to" schema" – Search Engine Watch

Information : English, SEO, 30/05/2019

Have you ever searched for "How to do something" on Google? Now, Google has improved the search by offering tutorials first result. Pretty practical don't you think?

Canva calls his users to change their password because of a security breach ...

Original title : "Canva urges users to change passwords following data breach affecting up to 139 million users" - Marketing Land

Information : English, Security, 28/05/2019

After WhatsApp, it's Canva's turn to deal with hackers who have endangered user data. If you have an account on the graphic site, you may be one of 139 users who have been assigned ... Go quickly change your password!

Sélection du weekend - 24/05

Aaaah Google ... Always at the heart of the news with pleasant novelties but also some stuff a little less cheering sometimes ... But it allows you to be up to date on the news of the week :-)

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