Our weekend selection - April 13th

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Here is this week reading suggestions:

  • some Web communication,
  • a new Google app,
  • a little bit of social selling,
  • a pinch of social networks!

Learn how to control your brand reputation

Original title: "Comment garder sous contrôle la réputation de sa marque ?" – Linkedin Pulse

Information : French, Web Communication, 06/04/2017

This article highlights the new issues raised by the Internet and the social networks when it comes to the management of our reputation. Rather than offering you ready-made solutions, it encourages you to think about the overview to better anticipate and apprehend them. Understanding your current situation will help you stand control of your reputation !

Google Fact Check to fight Fake News

Original title: "Google launches Fact Check in search results worldwide" – Search Engine Watch

Information : English, Google app, 10/04/2017

This article describes how the Google Fact Checking System works and how to take advantage of it. This functionality is available since earlier this week worldwide. Starting now to have a head start ! 

8 tips to make a success out of your social selling

Original title: "8 actions pour réussir son social selling" – Arobasenet

Information : French, Social selling, 10/04/2017

This article defines what "social selling" is, differentiating it from "social marketing". Also, a nice graphic suggests 8 ways to successfully practice "social selling" for those who are tempted by it.

April 2017 stats about the Internet

Original title: L’usage d’Internet, des réseaux sociaux et du mobile en avril 2017 – Blog du modérateur

Information : French, Web, 12/04/2017

The article underlines the latest global Internet statistics compiled by We Are Social. They are focused on the April 2017 results and provide an up-to-date overview of what is happening on the web today, in terms of site popularity (especially social networks) or used devices. 

An infographic that gives your leads for social media trends to watch out

Original title: "The Top 8 Social Media Trends to Watch Out For [Infographic]" – Social Media Today

Information : English, social networks, 13/04/2017

This 8-point infographic gives all the necessary information about trends to keep an eye on this year. Result: 8 good leads to develop content in perfect harmony with the social networks trends !

Weekly selection - 04/13

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