Weekend selection - March 6th 2020

Banner - Weekend selection - March 6th 2020

 Here is your press review of the week with 5 new articles on technological news:

All about Google indexing on mobile in 2020

Original title: “Google’s mobile-first indexing: what you need to know in 2020” - Vertical Leap

Informations: English, SEO, December 19, 2020

If you are a webmaster, this article might interest you! Indeed, Google has just alerted people responsible for websites if their site is compatible or not with Google’s mobile index. The American giant wants to do, within 6 to 12 months, a mobile indexing of all websites.

Twitter tests moderation by these users against political disinformation

Original title: “Twitter counts on public moderation to report the lies of politicians” - Arobasenet

Informations: French, Social media, February 24, 2020

While wandering on Twitter, have you ever seen false information circulating? Twitter is currently testing moderation by these users to counter fake news, and more specifically political misinformation, which is one of the platform’s big problems during election time.

Facebook bans ads taking advantage of fears about coronavirus

Original title: “Facebook Implements Bans on Ads Seeking to Capitalize on Coronavirus Fears” - SocialMediaToday

Informations: French, Social media, February 27, 2020

Coronavirus is also present on networks! Don't worry, it's not contagious and it's even unnecessary to throw away your computer. Facebook is implementing bans on advertisements seeking to take advantage of fears related to the coronavirus. An unscrupulous practice towards users.

4 levers in web marketing allowing you to attract customers

Original title: “4 essential web marketing levers to attract customers” - Emarketing

Informations: French, web marketing, February 20, 2020

This week we present 4 levers in web marketing that will help you attract more customers. These 4 levers will allow you to attract future customers.
If you want to entrust your web strategy to us, do not hesitate to contact us!

PlayPlay: the perfect tool to quickly create your professional videos

Original title: “PlayPlay: The Perfect Tool to Create Professional Videos in Minutes” - Comarketing

Informations: French, miscellaneous, February 27, 2020

Do you want to create videos for your business but don't have enough time or resources? PlayPlay is the tool for you! Thanks to PlayPlay you can create a video from start to finish in less than 10 minutes. A multitude of designs and models will allow you to design your own video. You do not believe in it ? Try PlayPlay

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