Weekend selection - June 8th

Weekend selection - June 8th

The sun is here! Finally! This weekend in our reading selection :

  • Useful tools to create images for your social networks
  • Google launches Google Attribution
  • 10 rules for your SEO
  • The impact of good UX on your SEO
  • 5 mistakes to avoid for small business

4 Useful tools to create images for your social networks

Original title:  Créez facilement des images pour les réseaux sociaux avec ces 4 outils - Presse Citron

Informations: French, Social Network, 06/06/2017

Create graphic content is never easy. Discover 4 tools to help you create great pictures for your social networks.

Analyze the impact of your marketing efforts with Google Attribution

Original title  Google Attribution, un outil gratuit pour mesurer l’impact de chaque action marketing

Informations: French, Google, 24/05/2017

Do you want to improve your marketing effort analysis? It's possible thanks to Google Attribute which centralizes datas from all Google services (Analytics, AdWords, DoubleClick...).

10 Rules to follow for your Google SEO

Original title: Référencement Google : Voici 10 critères incontournables - Arobasnet

Informations: French, Google SEO, 01/06/2017

10 essential rules you need to follow for your website SEO on Google.

Good UX = Good SEO

Titre original: Good UX Means Good SEO - UX Booth

Informations: English, SEO, 25/05/2017

This article highlights the link between a good UX an the SEO on a website.

5 marketing mistakes to avoid

Original title: 5 Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid In Your Small Business

Informations: English, Marketing, 07/06/2017

If you start a fresh digital strategy, this article if for you! It contains 5 marketing mistakes to avoid when you are a small business.

Sélection d'articles du weekend - 08/06

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