Weekend selection - March 13th 2020

Banner - Weekend selection - March 13th 2020

Here is your press review of the week with 5 new articles on technological news:

What are Fleets? Twitter in turn launches into stories.

Original title: “Twitter Launches Its Own Take on Stories With 'Fleets'”

Information: English, Social Networks, March 5, 2020

After Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook, it's Twitter's turn to create its own stories, the “Fleets”. As on other social networks, the principle is the same with a few distinctions. Indeed, according to Twitter, the goal is to provide users with a way to share what is not openly public.

10 creative marketing ideas this week

Original title: “The 10 Marketing Ideas of the Week”

Information: French, Web Marketing, March 12, 2020

Here are the 10 original and unusual marketing ideas of the week! Events linked to the coronavirus, a chain of restaurants which transforms these customers into billboards or Reporter Sans Frontières which uses Minecraft to defeat censorship!

LinkedIn presents Spotify playlists to get your career off the ground.

Original title: “LinkedIn puts Spotify playlists supposed to boost your career”

Information: French, Social networks, March 12, 2020

Do you want to launch your professional career? Nothing could be simpler, listen to specially created playlists! This is what LinkedIn has just achieved by creating 6 playlists on Spotify to help professionals work: "Women at Work", "New Job. Fresh Start. "," Never Give Up "," Interview Time "," Refine & Focus ", and" Opportunity Knocks ".

“Zero click”: what are the impacts of featured snippets on CTR?

Original title: "SEO: state of the art of" Zero click "and the impact of featured snippets on the CTR"

Information: French, Natural referencing, March 11, 2020

Do a search and don't click on a result because the results already display the information you were looking for. This is called "Zero Click". The trend is increasingly felt, especially on mobile. This has just been confirmed by a study which aimed to measure the influence of the features offered by Google (snippets, ads, carousels, answer box, sitelinks) on organic clickthrough rates (CTR). But what are the impacts of featured snippets on CTR?

Miro, the application that digitizes your written notes.

Original title: “This free application converts and digitizes your handwritten notes”

Information: French, Miscellaneous, March 12, 2020

Which school do you take note of? Handwritten or digital, note taking can be different within a company. This app could be of great help to you. Indeed, Miro allows you to digitize your written notes into digital notes, which is a considerable time saver.

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