Weekend selection - August 30th 2019

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Here is your little news roundup of the week with 5 new articles on technological news:

Google begins penalizing domain leasing

Original title: "Google Begins Penalizing Domain Leasing" – Seroundtable

Informations : English, Google, 29/08/2019

After a caveat, Google begins penalizing websites that rented subdomains and subfolders to allow other companies to help them rank their content. The article gives you some examples of websites that have been penalized.

Instagram presents new features on IGTV

Original title: "Instagram : des nouveautés sur IGTV pour les créateurs" – Blog du Modérateur

Informations : French, Social Media, 29/08/2019

Instagram shows 3 new tools available to facilitate the creation of content on its long format vertical video platform, IGTV: trimming tools, new download thresholds and suggestions of hashtags and influencers to tag ... Everything to make life easier for creators!

Twitter: Video Tweets Generate 10x More Engagement

Original title: "Twitter : Les Tweets avec vidéo génèrent 10x plus d'engagement" - Arobasnet

Informations : French, Social Media, 27/08/2019

Not easy to generate engagement on social networks like Twitter. But there are many techniques! And it seems that the video is a good initiative to activate the reactions of Internet users! Also GIFs would attract 55% more engagement and images would attract 150% retweets. Don't tweet without an illustration :)

Will Instagram Business follow the same path as Facebook Business?

Original title: "Will Instagram Business Profile Reach Follow the Same Path as Facebook Pages?" – Social Media Today

Informations : English, Social Media, 24/08/2019

While Instagram is starting to gain traction in terms of usage, companies are worried about seeing a reduction in the reach of their business page as we have seen Facebook Business, pushing them to paid ads ... Indeed, Instagram was doubled the number of ads served on its application after pressure from Facebook. Well that doesn't stop you from building your strategy on Instagram anyway! Moreover, we will tell you more in our next article on the subject!

Facebook: options for controlling collected data outside the network

Original title: "Facebook : de nouvelles options pour contrôler les données collectées « hors » du réseau social" – Le Monde

Informations : French, Social Media, 20/08/2019

Since August 20th, Facebook has launched a new tool allowing users to better control the collected data "outside" the social network in order to more easily detect suspicious activities, to block the sharing of certain data but also to cut access to other sites.

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