Weekend selection - May 25th

Weekend selection - May 25th

This weekend, in our reading suggestion, learn about: 

  • New stuff for your YouTube statistics
  • Social media strategy's benefits. 
  • The new Google Play-Google AdWords alliance. 
  • Content strategy tips and advice. 
  • 3 new ways to use hashtags on Instagram.

YouTube like you never saw it before!

Original title : "The Latest YouTube Stats on When, Where, and What People Watch " – Think With Google

Information : English, Youtube, July 2016

Find out about the full YouTube potential with stats directly provided by Google!

Social media strategies are vital for your brand's awareness

Original title : "4 Reasons Why You Need An Organic Social Media Strategy" – Social Media Today

Information : English, Social media strategy, 18/05/2017

An organic social media strategy will help you publish consistent and relevant content with your professional field to entertain and inform your subscribers. Learn more about this kind of strategy here.


    Google Play and Google AdWords team up for your ads

    Original title : "Google Play autorise la diffusion d’annonces AdWords sur sa page d’accueil " – Arobasenet

    Information : French, Google apps, 20/05/2017

    A new step from the Google Network to easily share ads on several platforms.

    25 marketing experts give you tips about content strategies

    Original title : "25 responsables marketing dévoilent leurs stratégies de contenu" – Blog du Modérateur

    Information : French, Content strategy, 23/05/2017

    Textual information and infographics, as well as a downloadable book to recap all that: What else could you ask for!?

    3 tips to better use hashtags on Instagram

    Original title : "3 Simple, But Powerful, Ways to Use Instagram Hashtags for Social Marketing Campaigns" – Social Media Today

    Information: English, Instagram, 23/05/2017

    An article to optimise hashtags when creating promotional campaigns or when your subscribers share content with your brand name it!

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