Weekend selection - May 24th

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Our selection of the week :

  • Google accused of not complying with the RGPD law in its advertising practices
  • Huawei's alternative to Android and Windows doomed to fail
  • 9 tips to improve your meta description
  • WordPress 5.2: All you need to know about this new pro-security version
  • 8 marketing lessons from these leaders from another era

Personal data: Google at the heart of an Irish investigation into its advertising practices

Original title: "Données personnelles : enquête en Irlande sur les pratiques publicitaires de Google" – Le Monde

Informations : French, Private Life, 23/05/2019

Since Wednesday, the Irish Privacy Authority has opened an investigation against Google that would not comply with the law RGPD in its advertising practices. A new hard blow for the American giant that should have serious consequences on advertising on the internet ...

Huawei: its alternatives to Android and Windows are doomed to failure

Original title: "Huawei's Android and Windows Alternatives are Destined for Failure" – The Verge

Informations : English, Editorial, 23/05/2019

Not easy to get past Google and Microsoft. Yet, this is what Huawei is forced to do after having withdrawn his license for all other operating systems (this is what happens when someone is suspected of massive espionage).

9 tips to improve your meta descriptions and gain clicks!

Original title: "Nine types of meta descriptions that win more clicks" – Search Engine Watch

Informations : English, SEO, 22/05/2019

The meta description? It's the secret to winning clicks! If you don't know how to configure it well, this article gives you 9 tips that will help you optimize your SEO with clear examples. Become an expert!

WordPress 5.2 : an update that enhances the security of your website

Original title: "WordPress 5.2 est disponible : la mise à jour permet de renforcer la sécurité de votre site internet" - Blog du Modérateur

Informations : French, Media, 10/05/2019

A new version of WordPress, Jaco, has just been released and offers changes that will delight users in lack of security on the website! With an enhancement of the Site Health feature, this version now gives you some tips to enable or remove extensions, themes ...

8 unexpected marketing lessons given by leaders from another era

Original title: "8 Unexpected Marketing Lessons from History's Most Influential Leaders" – Buffer

Informations : English, Marketing, 08/04/2019

Fun to think that the big names in our history like Aristotle, Socrates or even Cleopatra can teach us marketing techniques. You don't believe us? So take the time to soak up the advice of our alumni to improve your marketing strategy!

Sélection du weekend - 24/05

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