5 good habits to adopt for your business 2022

5 good habits to adopt for your business 2022

It's a common thing,we all want to adopt new good habits when a new year comes around. Indeed, the first days of a new year are often times when everyone is thinking about adopting new habits for themselves or for their business. This is a good time to review your strategy and adopt these good habits, both in your professional and personal life.

The right way is to let go of old habits and replace them with better ones. However, instead of wanting to change everything on the first day of the New Year, it's better to set the priority things to change gradually over the year.

8P design suggests 5 good resolutions to take into account for your year 2022.

5 bonnes habitudes

1. Take time for yourself

It's a fact, it's hard to take a step back from your business. This is never easy, especially if you are a manager. But it's important to take the time to rest, in order to come back stronger than ever!

Indeed, when you take a little time for yourself on a daily basis, it allows you to improve yourself professionally. You feel more serene in your head and in your tasks. It also helps keep you organized and focused on the priority activities for you within your business. Do this especially when there are a thousand and one things to deal with.

Taking time for yourself at the start of the year is also the ideal time to take stock, review the direction taken, the outlook. In short, a review and a strategic update to better project yourself.

2. Take time to connect with your employees

The Covid-19 crisis has forced many companies to opt for telecommuting. This reduced the physical connection between coworkers and employees. With remote working the past year, you might not have spent much time in person with your employees!

For the climate of your business, it's important to bond with them. In this way, you'll be able to create or maintain social cohesion between you and the employees and also between employees. Offer a 5 @ 7 or, if you're still at a distance, a 5@7 by zoom! Any activity outside of work that will get you a little chat! It's about the overall performance of your teams.

By promoting good relations between you and your employees, you encourage teamwork, the transfer of information and responsiveness. These are all factors that increase productivity.

3. Rethink your organization

As your business evolves, your organization faces the need to improve performance, increase profits, and improve its competitive advantage every day. Redesigning the organization helps drive adoption and use of new features necessary for its success.

Thus, simple methods and effective tools must be integrated into the daily life of the members of the company. The aim is for them to be able to organize themselves better and save time on repetitive tasks, in order to be more efficient and relaxed.

5 bonnes habitudes

4. Create a pleasant workspace

Ideally, the purpose of a collaborative space is to bring together team members. Although each member has a different role and position, they should be encouraged to interact together and form alliances in pursuit of common goals. But the arrival of the pandemic ended up forcing teleworking on businesses. What obliges the remote work.

When working from home, it's also important to create a productive workspace. So, you need to make sure to make your workspace as ergonomic as possible.

However, if you continue to function at your company office, try to make it pleasant and warm.

5. Create the habit of communicating regularly with your customers

It's important to have a good relationship with your customers. This helps to retain them, and as you know, it's harder to gain a new one than to renew an old one. So find an effective way to stay in touch with them!

Loyalty allows you to build a close relationship between you and your customers. It's therefore preferable to favor retention rather than acquisition.

A humanized customer relationship can bring you closer to the customer. Because interpersonal relationships can earn customer promises and improve your business’s brand image.

Customers should no longer see you as a structure, location, website, or business name.

On your platforms or websites, make the effort to create good engagement as well as on your social networks. Whether through a monthly newsletter, or a blog!

5 bonnes habitudes

Good habits, good management 2022!

Good management of your business depends on the good habits you adopt at the start of the year. This is valid for you both professionally and personally. So, note that in order to successfully adopt new habits, you must remove the old ones. Which sounds logical, but it's not easy to apply overnight. So make an effort to start with the priority actions and gradually adapt the others over time.

Your 8P design agency, on behalf of its entire team, wishes you a Happy New Year 2022. Full of growth in your business in the new year. Curiosity, talent, expertise, support and devotion, this is what we want to share with you.