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We treat various topics that we find interesting for our readers. But arghh… we could not classify those!


Ad Blocker… To use, or not to use.

An ad blocker is a free web extension blocking the apparition of unwanted ads that appear on your screen when visiting certain websites. The application is also sometimes used to protect you from spyware and malware, but are mostly developed to offer a pleasant navigation

Clean up my browser caches

What is cache memory? a) Description In order to optimize Internet browsing, but also save some bandwidth, browsers have developed the cache.

Typeform helps you get feedback from your users

Typeform allows you to create forms, questionnaires, surveys, tests and any other tool requiring an interaction with your user. You will find here all the ideas suggested by the platform itself.

The importance of unique and complex passwords

In order to benefit from the functionality of certain websites and web applications, we are all forced to provide a password to authenticate us …

8P Design signs the Transition Pact

All members of the 8P team have collectively decided to sign the Energy Transition Pact, and pledge to make their effort to reduce the environmental footprint at work and in their daily lives.

Choosing between an open source CMS or custom development

When it comes down to creating your site, the question arises between developing the site with custom code, or choose an existing “Open Source” Content Management System (CMS).

Why having a mobile-ready site can optimize your whole web presence?

Faster, lighter, with a connectivity to the world that always goes further, the mobile phone has become a tool that we always keep at hand and that we rarely forget.

These companies that try to get your domain name

Your domain name isn't yours indefinitely. It expires on a specific date and usually you have to renew it for 1 or 2 more years as the deadline approaches.

Images, Rights and Internet

It is now very easy to access images or videos via the Internet. But do you respect the rights of use of the images? How to find copyright free images? We explain everything you need to know about image rights on the Internet.