Guide to integrate freelance into your business

integrate freelance into your business

The term freelance designates a self-employed person carrying out a professional activity for different clients. We often speak of  “independent worker”.

This status of self-employed person does not impose a long-term contract, as a permanent position. He can only accomplish tasks billable to his client.

For a startup or a business of your size, integrating a freelancer into your hiring strategy could:

  • Benefit at a lower cost from expertise, ranging from simple expertise to years of proven experience in the area of your need;
  • Compensate for your one-off needs without hiring an employee, which also saves time;
  • Pay for only the service provided;
  • No need for additional social charges, etc.

For several reasons, a business may be reluctant to use freelancers in its recruiting strategy. We have designed a 4-step process to help you decide if it's the right fit for you.

Intégrer le freelance à votre entreprise

1. Determine your needs

Hiring a freelancer can help you with having more flexibility with your work. Nowadays, it's very easy to find someone who's qualified to work on your one-off project with efficiency and professionalism. You don't necessarily have to wait for a new employee requiring a long recruitment process in which you will first have to sign a contract.

The self-employed person is an expert in his field, they have worked with other clients on similar projects before. So they will be able to bring an outside point of view to your project and new ideas, especially if you have limited time to finalize everything. However, to determine your needs here are some questions to ask yourself:

What area do I need talent in?

Freelancing goes 100% with talent.

Maybe you don't have all the skills required for your in-house project? Use outside talent. Indeed, you hire a freelancer for urgent work when you don't have a qualified person in-house to do it.

Before making this call, you therefore need to define the domain that requires help. This will make it easier to find the right qualified person on the various freelance platforms or on social networks.

Is it for a specific project or for an ongoing collaboration?

Getting started with a freelancer doesn't necessarily require signing a long-term contract. Hence the importance of looking for recommendable platforms where the likelihood of being exposed to low-skilled talent is low. Whether you are going to maintain your freelance for the long term or for a short period, it will depend on your current and future needs, and in the latter case, on the success of your first collaboration. This decision is generally justified by the quality of the work provided and the time limits set.

What is your budget?

Recruiting a freelancer also means setting a budget! This goes without saying, since you will come as a market, a platform of independent workers. So each will have its rates or fees depending on several parameters. So it's important to know your needs and the right budget for the assignment you want to entrust. In order to not end up with indecent budgets, you could prospect the usual rates and compare with your budget.

2. Find the right collaborator

In order to choose the right collaborator, you need to have a hiring process in place. Thereby:

  • Make a list of the criteria for the freelancer you want to hire.
  • Look at the profile of candidates on freelance platforms or social medias.
  • Examine the profile that appeals to you by referring to testimonials from other clients.
  • Take an interest in his portfolio if possible, as this will reassure you more about his competence and his work conduct.
  • Then analyze their communication style at first contact in order to be convinced that they are on the same wavelength as you, or even similar collaboration values.

A clear and precise explanation of the mission cannot be ignored, as this is where your next collaborator can project themselves with you and their work. It's also there that they can determine if they are interested in the projet. Then do several interviews and make sure the chemistry is going well!

Intégrer le freelance à votre entreprise

3. Create collaborative documents

In order for the freelancer to be independent, you need to create collaborative documents, ideally online. Present them with specifications to be respected and a work plan. Informing or educating your future collaborator on how to operate internally could allow them to adapt well to your operating strategy.

Yes remember, for an unclear mission the expected results are far from satisfactory.

4. Choose the right tools

For a good integration of your freelance or to manage your passwords and communication softwares, I offer you some suitable tools and platforms: 


Upwork is an American Internet recruitment platform, specifically dedicated to freelancing. It connects freelancers and clients in more than 175 countries.

It gives you the opportunity to post or apply for a job offer. It requires you to register and configure a profile that is simple as a recruiter, but more detailed if you are a freelancer. After this step, you can receive proposals from dozens of freelancers and make your choice. The chance of quickly finding a talent on Upwork is high.


Fiverr is a reputable freelance platform that offers good service. You can browse through digital tasks and services that freelancers can offer to clients.


Asana helps teams organize their work, from daily tasks to strategic initiatives. This tool presents you with a simple and efficient interface for managing your various tasks and monitoring the progress (both internally and freelance).


Dropbox is a cloud file storage tool that allows you to create and sync folders. It's available on all devices and operating systems.

You can work solo or in a team while sharing all the files between you on this software and progress on your project in all efficiency.


Lastpass is a password management tool that presents you with a free option that is more than sufficient for classic and stand-alone use.

After opening the account, all you need to do is remember the one registration password to access other accounts or automatically log into all of your web accounts. You can install the extension in any browser of your choice, usually on Google Chrome, Mozilla, or Edge Chromium.

Intégrer le freelance à votre entreprise

Remember that,

The advantage of working with a freelancer is that you will be working with someone who has expertise and flexibility in scheduling and starting tasks. If your freelancers have a good understanding of the project and have the right qualities, then hiring a freelancer can save your business time and money! It's the same principle as when you deal with an agency for the creation of your website! By doing business with 8P Design, you make sure you are collaborating with experts in website design!

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or for a quote! We can't wait to get started!