5 steps to create your visual identity on the web

visual identity on the web

Every business today has to work on its brand to reveal its visual identity on the web. A visual identity is nothing more than the set of characteristics or cues of a company that distinguish it from others on the web in general. The visual identity is therefore made up of several key graphic elements that are structured in a document called the graphic charter.

For any business or brand, visual identity is what allows it to be visible. It's what makes a company stand out. It represents the intrinsic values, image, mission and activity of a company. Visual identity allows a business to express itself without having to speak. Here are some easy steps to get started with creating a visual identity tailored to your business.

Création identité visuelle

 1. Determine your audience

Your audience or consumers are determined by what you want to deliver. Your brand must therefore resonate with your target audience.

The first step in building your business is to conduct market research. The latter will allow you to ensure the outflow of the products that the company wants to sell in this market.

Thus, you must be able to identify your audience and define it by asking yourself about the target customers. It's important that your business reaches the people most likely to become your customers. Here's some characteristics that these people have in common that might help you determine your target audience:

  • age
  • genre
  • profession
  • interests
  • where they live
  • behaviors...

Your audience is an essential basis for identifying your business, as it determines what your visual identity should looks like.

2. Find the colours that represent you and your brand

The strength of the choice of colors in your brand is that it makes it easy for your audience to recognize your business. Colours are therefore the basis of your identity. This is why it's important to choose wisely the colours that define your business and the value to sell.

Each color has its meaning. Each of them makes it possible to convey the intentions and values ​​that your company promotes; and also plays on the emotions of your audience. That's why it's of outmost importance to find colours that represent the mission of your business.

The other very important element to remember is that we quickly assimilate the colour of a brand than the name to give it.
It's undeniable that colours have a great influence on the attractiveness of your audience to your brand. They must be in line with the activity of your company.

Note that there may be times when you cannot find the exact colour you need for your brand. In this case, you can determine a palette and do some trial and error to find the most suitable.

Création identité visuelle

3. Find an original logo

A logo is a graphic that represents a brand or a company. It's basically a symbol for your business.

The logo is also an important way for any business to identify itself and communicate. In fact, it's a very important part of modern visual communication and makes it stand out from the competition.

The logo is basically the element that represents your business online and on communication and marketing materials, even sales. Usually, this is often the first image people see of your business. You need to find a logo that is simple and validly represents your business. Your logo should be simple, memorable, appropriate to the value of your business.

4. Decide on the tone you want to use in your communications

For your business, you necessarily need a tone that suits your audience. Tone refers to how your brand speaks to your audience.

You absolutely need to adapt a "tone" to your brand in order for your business to thrive. The tone of voice you use when communicating with customers is a big part of how you share the values and motivations of the company.

Note that communication in your business will be of two types. There is the one called internal which concerns your employees in the company and the external one dedicated to your audience and the outside in general.

5. Draft a lot of visuals

Visual creations are very important elements that should not be overlooked, whether in print or online.
Visuals are a great way to capture the attention of your audience. You therefore need visuals for your business that respond to the colors, values and activity carried out by it. Draft visuals and see what aligns well with your brand.

Visual creations are more striking than just words, or even convincing words. For your online creations, you or your designer will then have to take user experience and / or SEO into account, as the case may be. This is what justifies the use of the terms Designer UX (user experience), Designer SXO (SEO + UX = SXO). This might not be the subject of this article, but we hope you find these reminders just as useful.

Création identité visuelle

In short,

To create the visual identity of your company, several elements come into play. This involves primarily determining your audience, then thinking about the color suitable for your brand when creating the logo.

To ensure visibility of your business, please use a welcoming tone and draft visuals. To create a better one, an agency like 8P Design can help establish a good web presence. We help auto-entrepreneurs, SME entrepreneurs and other larger or smaller entities to establish a good visual identity and establish a good web presence for their business