Weekend selection - September 06th 2019

Banner - Weekend selection - September 06th 2019

Here is your news roundup with 5 new articles on technological news:

Firefox strengthens its security

Original title: "Le navigateur Firefox va maintenant bloquer par défaut des milliers de mouchards sur les sites web" – Le Monde

Informations: French, Browser, 04/09/2019

Already known for its navigation safety ethic, Firefox is further strengthening its security by blocking more than 2,500 cookies on websites for capturing personal data such as those used by major platforms (Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc.), advertising services or encircling attendance counters.

By the way, don't miss our next article on private browsing to learn how to navigate safely on the web!

419 million phone numbers leaked from Facebook

Original title: "Facebook leak contained phone numbers for 419 million users" – The Next Web

Informations: English, Security, 04/09/2019

It's almost become a habit: here is another Facebook data breach problem. 419 million phone numbers linked to personal accounts have been made public, along with several personal details such as the full name, gender and nationality of the user ... What will be the next Facebook security breach?

Facebook plans to remove Likes on its publications

Original title: "Facebook envisage de supprimer le nombre de Like sur les posts Facebook" - Arobasnet

Informations: French, Social Media, 03/09/2019

Like Instagram, Facebook plans to hide the number of "likes" on publications on the feed for the purpose of protecting users. Moreover, YouTube also cleans up by no longer displaying the exact number of subscribers.

WordPress 5.3 changes its method to block indexing on Google

Original title: "WordPress 5.3 change de méthode pour bloquer l’indexation sur Google" – Blog du modérateur

Informations: French, CMS, 03/09/2019

Until now, by ticking the box "Ask search engines not to index this website", you were only telling robots not to crawl your website but Google still had the option to index your pages. Now, it will do the opposite, robots are allowed to crawl the website but a tag will indicate that it should not be indexed. This update will be effective on November 12, 2019.

Study on Instagram: Where do we need to put Hashtags?

Original title: "Where Should You Place Your Instagram Hashtags - in the Caption or in the First Comment? [Study]" – Social Media Today

Informations: English, Social Media, 30/08/2019

Hashtags # are keywords that increase the reach of your post. But a question remains on Instagram: should it be put in the legend of the publication (at the risk of cluttering) or is it better to put in a first comment (at the risk of reducing the impact)? We let you discover for yourself :-)

Sélection du weekend - 06/09/19

You are up to date!

News and scandals, you are up to date about the digital news! Security is a key point not to neglect when traveling on the web. Pay attention to what you share, what you accept and where you navigate. To help you, we're preparing 2 articles on online safety. Stay tuned!

  • Soon: Is the "Incognito mode" really private?
  • Soon: All you need to know about data sharing

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