Weekend selection - April 20th

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On the menu this week:

  • Facebook tools to help small businesses,
  • artificial intelligence to better choose your photos,
  • the new version of Google Earth,
  • tips for your LinkedIn news to be selected according to your interests,
  • a ranking of the most popular mobile apps !

New tools for small businesses : a Facebook's gift

Original title: "Facebook Provides New Tools to Help Small Businesses Make Better Use of their Platforms" – Social Media Today

Information : English, Social Networks, 12/04/2017

The article identifies 5 tools designed to help SMEs take better advantage of Facebook, illustrating in a clear and succinct way what each of them can bring to you.

An artificial intelligence can predict if your picture will be enjoyed by users!

Original title: "Aesthetics : cette IA peut prédire si votre photo sera appréciée ou non" – Siècle digital

Information : French, Web communication, 13/04/2017

An ideal article for all those who use social networks! It presents Aesthetics, an artificial intelligence developed by Everypixel which allows you to have an idea of the popularity that will have the image you have chosen.

Try out the brand new Google Earth!

Original title: "Google Earth relancé avec plus de contenus enrichis et de nouvelles fonctionnalités" – Arobasenet

Information : French, Google app, 18/04/2017

An article that presents the new version of Google Earth, which is more social and interactive than the previous one. You will also find the video presentation of Google itself to have a playful overview of all new features.

Tame your LinkedIn newsfeed so that it only informs you of what you want

Original title: "Tuesday Tips: Making Your LinkedIn Feed Work for You" - LinkedIn blog

Information : English, Social networks, 18/04/2017

An article that gives you all the keys to only have information you are interested in, when you log in to LinkedIn!

Ever wondered what are the most downloaded apps in the world?

Original title: "Facebook détient 4 des 5 applis les plus téléchargées au monde" - Arobasenet

Information : French, Mobile apps, 20/04/2017

A short, direct article to give you a good overview of what people want to have on their mobile, with a ranking of the 10 most popular apps on iOS and Android; Games excluded. Among them: Whatsapp, Instagram and Uber.

Sélection du weekend - 20/04

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