Weekend selection - May 17th

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Our selection of the week:

  • All you need to know about WhatsApp's cyberattack
  • How to protect yourself against this security vulnerability
  • WhatsApp's advice after this cyberattack
  • The fallout of this security breach
  • These digital giants who have also announced security breaches

Here's all you need to know about the WhatsApp cyberattack!

Original title: "Here's What You Need to Know About WhatsApp's Major Security Flaw" – Social Media Today

Informations: English, Social Networks, 15/05/2019

The article gives you an overview of all there is to know about cyber espionage that affected the WhatsApp social network on Monday.

Back on the WhatsApp security hole and how to protect yourself

Original title: "Update WhatsApp now to avoid spyware installation from a single missed call" – The Verge

Informations : English, Cybersecurity, 14/05/2019

What happened ? Who is involved? Who was touched? How to protect yourself? This article answers all these questions and helps you to understand this case of cyber espionage.

WhatsApp's advice to its users after its cyberattack

Original title: "WhatsApp recommande une mise à jour urgente pour corriger une vulnérabilité" – Arobasenet

Informations : French, Social Networks, 14/05/2019

Here are the tips given directly by the social network WhatsApp following the serious security breach that he has faced. First tip: Update your app!

The fallout of this security vulnerability announced by WhatsApp

Original title: "Software Bug Gives Spyware Free Rein With a Single WhatsApp Call" – Tech News World

Informations : English, Security, 15/04/2019

A very comprehensive article that reviews the security breach announced Monday by WhatsApp and especially on its impact on the victims of this cyber attack but also on the group NSO, behind the spy software Pegasus.

State of play of security vulnerabilities announced by major digital players recently

Original title: "WhatsApp, puces Intel, GPS... Plusieurs failles de sécurité identifiées par les géants du numérique en quelques jours" - L'Usine Digitale

Informations : French, Cybersecurity, 15/05/2019

WhatsApp is not the only one to have been hit by cyber attacks, other digital giants like Intel and GPS have announced they have also discovered security flaws.

Sélection du weekend - 20/04

We hope that you are now ready for this cyber espionage case and that you are able to take steps to protect yourself!

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Good weekend and good reading!