Weekend selection - July 19th 2019

Banner - Weekend selection - July 19th

Here is our weekend selection for this last week before going on holiday to bask in the sun:

6 tools on Twitter that you may not be aware of yet

Original title: "6 Helpful Twitter Tips That You May Not be Aware of" – Social Media Today

Informations: English, Social Media, 17/07/2019

Find your old tweets, see the statistics of a particular tweet, promote your tweets, download all your data, create a "twitter moments"... Did you know that doing all this was possible? All of these tools, and more, are available on Twitter and will help you make it a must-have for your marketing strategy!

5 handy tools to help you find color palette!

Original title: "5 outils pratiques pour inspirer et trouver des palettes de couleurs" – blog du Webdesign

Informations: French, Design, 16/07/2019

Sometimes it's not easy to find the right combination of colors for a graphic design or creation ... But fortunately, there are some tools to help you find inspiration! Here there are 5 but there are plenty of others like Picular, the Google of colors.

July 17th: World Emoji Day

Original title: "Apple dévoile de nouveaux emojis à l’occasion du World Emoji Day" - Blog du Modérateur

Informations: French, Web culture, 17/07/2019

July 17, we celebrate World Emoji Day! You know, these little images that allow us to add emotions to our messages, publications, tweets ... Apple reveals the newbies! By the way, why July 17th? Well, it's just because the creator of the emoji "calendar ?" has decided to give it this date (he had to choose).

Do you know what Callbots ?are? 

Original title: "Connaissez-vous les Callbots, les cousins des Chatbots?" – WEBMARKETING&CO'M

Informations: French, E-commerce, 11/07/2019

We are starting to see more and more Chatbots on the websites. They talk to you as if you are communicating with a real person (they are very effective sometimes). But Callbots are not bad either! Like his cousin, the Callbot is a little robot that communicates with you vocally! Here is all there is to know about them.

7 ways to improve your retargeting campaign

Original title: "7 Easy Ways to Improve Your Retargeting Ad Campaigns" – Buffer

Informations: English, Advertising, 04/03/2019

A retargeting campaign consists of targeting visitors who have already shown interest in your website with display advertising. There are ways to be sure to succeed your campaign: Analyze your visitor, improve the targeting of your audience, use creative and dynamic ads ... Anyway, we let you discover the rest!

Sélection du weekend - 19/07

Okay, this blue pool is calling us! We'll be back on August 9th for a new selection of articles that should be flooded with news (we hope)!

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Have a good reading and if you are going in vacation too, enjoy your holidays!