Weekend selection - May 11th

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This weekend, our reading suggestions focuses on: 

  • the benefits of failure according to Google, 
  • some tips to optimize your Facebook campaigns,
  • 8 reasons why Google Analytics and Facebook Insights will never give you the same results,
  • some tips to optimize your store chain's SEO, and
  • the newest Google images filters on smartphones.

Failing has more benefits than you think!

Original title: "The surprising benefits of failure" – Think it with Google

Information: English, Growth, January 2017

Failing is demotivating and hard to be accepted, meaning we tend to ignore when it happens. This article explains how failure can be a progress source for your professional life. 

A few tips to boost your Facebook Ads

Original title: "Facebook Ads : quelques conseils pour optimiser vos campagnes !" – Siècle Digital

Information: French, Social networks, 04/05/2017

This article goes straight to the point by offering 6 new approaches to increase your paid campaigns' popularity on Facebook. 

Quick reminder: Google Analytics and Facebook Insights are different tools

Original title: "8 Reasons Why Google Analytics Data Will Never Match Your Facebook Insights" – Social Media Today

Information: English, Google Analytics/Facebook Insights, 05/05/2017

First, this article reminds you of the key functionality of Facebook Insights and Google Analytics, then it helps you focus on what really matters, regarding your online campaigns. 

How to make the most of Google My Business when you have a store chain

Original title: "How to optimize Google My Business listings for multi-location businesses" – Search Engine Watch

Information: English, Google app, 08/05/2017

You own a store chain? This article is made for you: it clearly explains how to improve your SEO by having several addresses bound to your Google My Business. 

New search filters on Google Images for smartphones!

Original title: "Google Images ajoute de nouveaux filtres de recherche" – Arobasenet

Informations: Français, Application Google, 10/05/2017

Google images mobile search is getting new filters (such as type of image or most dominant color) to help you find the most suitable image. More details in the article!

Sélection d'articles du weekend - 11/05

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