Weekend selection - June 21st

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We start this long weekend with this selection of articles that we found for you this week:

  • Vulnerability problem for Firefox: an update is required!
  • Which advertising platform to choose for my marketing strategy?
  • The languages, platforms and tools preferred by developers in 2019
  • Are our written communications attractive?
  • The secrets of Incognito mode, not so private ...

Vulnerability problem : Firefox users should update their browser now !

Original title: "Firefox Users Warned to Patch Critical Flaw" – Tech News World

Informations : English, Security and Update, 20/06/2019

All Firefox users on MacOS, Windows or Linux must update their browser as soon as possible to correct the vulnerability problem it faces!

Do you use the right advertising platform for your marketing strategy ?

Original title: "Are you on the wrong platform? Paid search vs. paid social" – Marketing Land

Informations : English, Social Networks, 20/06/2019

How to choose between advertising on Social Networks (Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads ...) and advertising on Search plateform (Google Ads ...)? Which platforms best match your marketing strategy? Well, everything depends on your goals and your targets!

What are the favorite tools of developers in 2019 ?

Original title: "Les langages, les plateformes et les outils préférés des développeurs en 2019" – Blog du Modérateur

Informations : French, Development, 19/06/2019

The language Go expanding but still far behind Java, Windows and Android with a step ahead of Apple ... What languages, platforms and tools prioritized by developers this year and above all ... why? 

How to know if my written communications are attractive?

Original title: "Vos communications écrites sont-elles attrayantes ?" – Lime

Informations : French, WebMarketing, 11/06/2019

We all ask ourselves when writing posts, articles, advertisements ... Will these writings have the desired impact? How to interest my target? With these four tips, you will ensure your success when your next writing!

What incognito mode is and why it's not as private as you think

Original title: "What incognito mode is and why it's not as private as you think" - NordVPN

Informations : English, Security, 04/10/2018

Sometimes want to surf without anyone knowing where you go? To avoid cookies? To prepare your Christmas presents without leaving a trace? You have probably already tried the "Incognito" mode. But is it so private? What does it really protect you from?

Sélection du weekend - 21/06

That's all you need while sipping a small beer on the terrace on the occasion of the National Day of Quebec!

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