Weekend selection - May 18th

Weekend selection - May 18th

This weekend, in our reading suggestions:

  • Google's verified customer reviews,
  • How to tame mad customers,
  • Some tips to improve your marketing campaigns on social networks,
  • How artificial intelligence influences loyalty,
  • A brand new marketing idea to generate engagement and conversions

Make the most of Google's verified customers reviews!

Original title: "Google just released verified customer reviews: 3 ways to come out on top" – Search Engine Watch

Information: English, Google's customers reviews, 10/05/2017

This article gives you three tips to make the most out of this new feature!

Tame you angry customers on Facebook!

Original title: "How to Respond to Negative Reviews on Facebook to Win Back Angry Customers" – Social Media Today

Information: English, social networks, 12/05/2017

This article will help you win back your angry customers with three tips to better communicate with them!

Improve your marketing campaigns on social networks!

Original title: "5 Ways to Turn Around Your Struggling Social Media Marketing Campaigns" – Social Media Today

Information: English, marketing campaign, 16/05/2017

5 easy tips to make your campaigns more efficient!

The artificial intelligence gets us better than humans!

Original title: "Comment l’intelligence artificielle impacte déjà la fidélisation" – Presse Citron

Information: French, Artificiel intelligence, 16/05/2017

This article explains how artificial intelligence understands our behavior to better target our needs.

Create personality tests to entertain your customers and promote your brand!

Original title: "How to Use BuzzFeed-Style Quizzes for Social Media Marketing" – Social Media Today

Information: English, Online advertising, 17/05/2017

This article explains how to increase your conversions by creating tests that will match your customer's personality and one of your product!

Sélection d'articles du weekend - 18/05

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