Latests technological news July 24th 2020

banniere Les actualités technologiques du moment 24 Juillet 2020

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Kiwibot: The autonomous robots that deliver your groceries in San Jose, California.

Original Title: "Kiwibot Autonomous Grocery Delivery Robots Land in San Jose, California" - Digital Factory

Information: French, Robotics, July 21, 2020

California-based startup Kiwibot has received approval to deploy 25 autonomous delivery robots in the city of San Jose. Until now their presence was limited to Californian campuses but since July 20, the robots deliver in the middle of downtown and in the district of Buena Vista.

Discover Spread Simple, the new tool that allows you to easily generate sites from Google Sheet.

Original title: "Spread Simple: the tool to easily create and manage sites via Google Sheets" - Digital Century

Information: French, Web, July 23, 2020

Did creating a website from a simple Google sheet seem unimaginable to you? And yet, it is now possible thanks to the Spread Simple tool. The latter will use all the data you enter into a spreadsheet and automatically generate a suitable website that you can then customize to your liking!

What to expect for the release of WordPress 5.5, the new CMS update on August 11, 2020?

Original title: "WordPress 5.5: what's new in the August 2020 update" - Office of the moderator

Information: French, CMS, July 20, 2020

Find out what's new and updated in the new WordPress version which will be available on August 11, 2020. Significant changes and user interface improvements are announced, especially in the Gutenberg block editor.

AutoX has just received authorization to test its autonomous vehicles without a safety driver.

Original title: "AutoX, the first Chinese start-up to test its autonomous vehicles without security drivers in California" - Usine digitale

Information: French, Autonomous vehicles, July 22, 2020

After Waymo (Google) and Nuro, AutoX is the third company to be approved to test its autonomous vehicles in California without a security driver. This is a first for a Chinese company.

Learn all about the new iOS 14 beta.

Original title: "iOS 14: the public beta is available, here's how to install it" - Journal du Net

Information: French, Apple, July 21, 2020

After releasing a private beta version for developers, Apple is unveiling the new public beta of iOS 14. Find out how to install it and what's new in this article.

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