Latest technology news June 29, 2021

Latest technology news

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Actualités technologiques du moment

YouTube's picture-in-picture available on iPhone and iPad soon

Original title: Le Picture-in-Picture sur iPhone et iPad sera bientôt disponible pour tous - Blog du Modérateur

Informations : French, Youtube, June 21, 2021

IPhone and iPad owners have been waiting for this moment for several years! Finally, Youtube will allow users to watch their videos while doing other things on their Apple devices! Initially, a rumor circulated that only premium subscribers could benefit from this feature, but this rumor was already denied: all users will be able to use it! It will therefore soon be possible to use Apple products while having a Youtube video in a small removable screen! For more information on this app update, check out the full article!

Android: a function to find your device in development

Original title: Cette fonctionnalité de l’iPhone va finalement débarquer sur Android - Presse Citron

Informations : French, Android, June 21, 2021

For a long time, Android users have envied the “Find my” feature which allows  Apple products users to find their devices even if they are offline. The moment has arrived, a rumor is circulating that Google is currently working on a network such as “Find my” which will make it easier for android users to find their lost devices! For more information on this rumor, see the Presse Citron article!

9 tips and tricks for safe internet browsing

Original title: 9 Key Internet Safety Tips and Notes [Infographic] - Social Media Today

Informations: English, Internet safety, June 20, 2021

Internet security is something important that many people overlook. Yet, with this era of online shopping, a lot of our information is stored in our computers. It's extremely important to be vigilant and to ensure that our information is as protected as possible. This is why Social Media Today published an article with 9 tips and tricks for surfing the internet safely. From passwords to two-step verifications. For more information on how to be safe on the internet, see the full article!

Beware of this wi-fi network which disables the wifi access of iPhones

Original title: Ce nom de réseau Wi-Fi bizarre peut faire planter les iPhone à coup sûr - 01net

Informations : French, Hacking, June 21, 2021

Attention iPhone owner, a Wi-Fi network is walking around and it has the ability to disable your Wi-Fi access permanently! If you see a network called "% p% s% s% s% s% n", don't attempt to connect, it will prevent you from connecting to any other Wi-Fi network! Fortunately, Twitter users have found the solution to free you from this hack! If, unluckily, you connect to this network, all you have to do is reset the networks settings. This way, you can start connecting over Wi-Fi networks again! For more information on the history of this hack, see the full 01Net article.

Amazon dethrones Netflix with $ 8.45 billion purchase

Original title: Amazon comes for Netflix’s throne with $8.45 billion MGM purchase - The Next Web

Informations : English, Streaming, June 21, 2021

For several years, Netflix and Amazon have been fighting to be first in the world of streaming. Recently, Amazon took the upper hand by buying the giant MGM (Metro Goldwyn Mayer), for the sum of 8.45 billion dollars. Since the start of the pandemic, the production studio MGM has been experiencing difficulties and negotiations started with Amazon. Several other industry giants were interested in buying it, including Apple. Ultimately, it was Amazon that won the auction with their $ 8.45 billion bid. For more information on this transaction, see The Next Web article.

Actualités technologiques du moment

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