How to promote your web content

Promote your web content

Did you just publish web content? Congratulations! What you need to do now is to promote it.

Content promotion is of outmost importance in a good marketing strategy. It consists of carrying your message to the target audience by making use of various channels.

Indeed, having a prominent web content guarantees you a better position on search engines. There are steps you can take to make your post reach your prospects and gain more impressions. In the following, you will discover in nine steps how to create an effective content strategy.

Promotion de contenu Web

1. Determine your content strategy

The first step in promoting content on the web is defining a relevant strategy. You need to define your goal and your target. The definition of your objective allows you to structure your content in this direction. Likewise, defining your target lets you know where it is and which social networks to target.

In your content strategy, don't forget to establish an editorial calendar. This allows you to be regular in your publications and allows your subscribers to make an appointment with you.

2. Adopt natural and paid referencing (SEO & SEA)

Natural referencing or SEO, is the position occupied by web content without ads on search engines. The latter is based on keyword strategies and relevant content. Although it’s a long term process, it turns out to be more reliable.

Thanks to natural referencing, you will obtain natural traffic which promotes visibility. To meet SEO rules, your articles must meet certain requirements. These are the keywords, internal and external links of content length etc.

You need to pay for SEA, as opposed to SEO . In short, it aims to position a page on a special keyword. So you pay Google to be featured. This practice is effective in the short term and attracts all types of Internet users. By opting for the latter, you must be in the optics of converting the traffic obtained.

However, if you don't have a big budget, sticking to SEO is the best way to achieve your goals.

This 8P design article talks at length about the real advantages and limitations of the two approaches.

3. Use advertising

Web advertising involves promoting content to an audience for a fee. This can be done by making use of social media like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. Making use of Google ads or display campaigns are ways to keep your content unnoticed.

On the other hand, influencer marketing is a way to reach quality targets with an interesting ROI.

4. Use social media

After choosing the social networks of your target, you must know how they work. It’s a question of knowing what works on these networks. The type of publication (texts, images, infographics, etc.) and the hours of publication that work. Make use of hashtags in your posts.

Indeed, hashtags can be compared to keywords. They’re used to personalize your publications both on the web and on social networks.

5. Collaborate with influencers

Influencers are like brand ambassadors. They are individuals or artists who have an audience that follows them. This community behind these influencers is made up of people interested and dedicated to the content they share.

In addition, the idea of ​​collaborating with an influencer is a great lever for acquiring traffic on your website. You’ll have to find influencers who tackle the same theme as you. To find these people you can use search engines or follow hashtags on social networks.

In addition, those around you can help you make contact with them. You surely have contacts in common which correspond to one of your relatives. Otherwise, contact them by email.

It must be recognized that you need to budget to collaborate with an influencer. The latter varies according to the size of its audience. No matter how much it is going to cost you, it is worth it.

contenu web

6. Reuse and update your content

Reusing your content is all about presenting your article in another form.

You can summarize your article in a few points to present it in visual form. Also, get your audience used to new things, it sparks curiosity and fosters engagement.

You can make use of infographics, a checklist, podcasts, videos or Slideshare to update your content.

7. Don't neglect the Newsletter

Your Newsletter is a channel to reach an audience that is already interested in your topic. Putting it to good use increases the interest rate. Indeed, receiving a personalized message on a regular basis demonstrates the importance you place on your customer.

This is not about spamming your email database contacts, but about initiating a well-defined conversion process. Through your Newsletter, you stay in touch with your audience and highlight your expertise. Also, you can keep your readers informed of news.

8. Word of mouth is your friend

Word of mouth is an old but very effective method of sharing information. It’s also easy and free. It’s a way to promote your business by building on the customer base you already have. By talking around you, you increase your search volume on search engines.

In addition, word of mouth creates a brand image among your future customers. Note that the first ambassadors of your company are your employees. These are the first people who are reassured of the quality of your products or services.

9. Choose original methods

Once all the other methods have been successful, it’s normal to look to other places to acquire more prospects. You can consider articles on Medium or sign up on Quora.

But you will still need to set up the previous methods before turning to the original ones since they are more difficult to learn.

Promotion de contenu Web

Measure your results

Now you have everything you need to promote your web content. However, it’s also necessary to measure the results in order to see the impact of your actions.

First, you need to know how to analyze your insights from your posts. You have to make fair interpretations in order to improve the next content. For these different statistics, you can use Google Analytics to study your traffic.

In addition, setting up events on its website to monitor the activity of your visitors would be an asset for you. Find out how to get there here.

In conclusion,

Promoting your content is within your reach. You can either use free or charging solutions. But when you put money on the table, the results are quick. Do not hesitate to seek the services of 8P Design to promote your content effectively.