A simple trick to refresh Open Graph cache

A simple trick to refresh Open Graph cache

Using Open Graph to optimize sharing on social networks has become commonplace.

You have already shared an article with the wrong image, or a spelling error in the title ... In these cases, you quickly delete your publication, you correct the error and then try to post it again and ... your fault is still there!

Indeed, once you have shared a link (or just tried to share it without actually finalize the action to see how it will be visualized), a cache is automatically generated in the Open Graph of the social network on which you are.

On Facebook

On Facebook, refreshing the cache is rather simple. Go to this page, enter the URL of your page and then click “Debug”.

The cache is refreshed and now you can share your link with the up-to-date information.

On other platforms

On other social networks, there is no tool like the Facebook one. To do this, you will need to add a small parameter to your URL so that the social network on which you want to share your link, considers it as a new link.

For example, you can add ?reset=1 like showed below:

  • Original URL:
  • Modified URL:

Share your modified URL, the cache will be refreshed and your information will be updated!