How to effectively write your web content ?

How to effectively write your web content ?

Web content represents what a website will contain in terms of text and visuals. This content is essential for the site's SEO and it must be engaging to get people to visit the site. Quality and optimized content allows the website to be in the top results on search engines.

Web redaction aims to optimize natural referencing. Thus, according to several parameters, the algorithms of the search engines place your site at the top of the search results while granting it more visibility on the net.

Rédaction contenu web

1. Follow the rules of SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), also called natural referencing, defines the methods that allow a website to rank well on the pages in the search results of search engines. It's therefore used to give visibility to websites on search pages.

  • Write clear, simple and fluid text

Obviously, you have to keep the text clear and simple in order to allow many people to understand your text. Use more simple terms without falling into keyword repetition. To capture the reader's attention, be sure to create fluid and dynamic content while providing as much relevant information as possible get straight to the point.

  • Use your keywords wisely

Something important to remember about keywords, it's to avoid keyword stuffing. If you use your keywords to many time, it's going to get flagged as spam. Keywords play a key role in SEO optimization so it's essential to choose them carefully. Several tools help in this choice: SEMRush, Ubersuggest. Below is an overview of one of our keyword research for this article.

Rédaction contenu web

  • Optimize your meta title and meta description

The meta title is the name of your web page. You need to optimize in order for it to appear in search results easily. This is displayed in blue when searching on Google and is what the user clicks on to go to their search page.

The meta description is displayed in small black text below the meta title. It plays the role of orienting and attracting the Internet user to the target page. It gives him a general idea or a glimpse of what to expect when visiting the page. This is why your content must keep the promises of its meta description;

Rédaction contenu web

2. The redaction of the actual web content

a) Define your audience, your ideal reader

The persona is your target, it virtually represents your ideal customer. Taking your audience into account allows you to tailor your production to their needs. This helps you to offer them custom content and languages.

b) Find an original subject

To write good content, you need an original topic that meets the needs of your target audience. When you're short of ideas, get inspiration from other blogs, free web content, or consult your colleagues, your web content manager, or your persona analysis.

c) Start by structuring your content

Good web writing is intended to be well structured so that the content is as attractive as possible to read.

  • Text length

In order for your site to stand out in search engine results, text length plays an important role. It should be not too short, not too long. Just long enough to contain all the important informations. 

  • Define your H1, H2 and H3

The structuring of your writing is based on a title and sub-titles in a hierarchical fashion. This helps optimize your SEO.

Use a subtitle (H1) related to the meta title that catches the reader's attention. It may be accompanied by an introduction that responds to the title. Another optional subheading (H2, H3) allows you to structure the article into several subsections for easier understanding.

  • What do you want to cover and in which paragraph?

Each paragraph of your article should touch on an idea, but in a sequenced fashion. Ideas for each paragraph should always be relevant to the main topic. This allows you to avoid going off track in your writing.

d) Then make a first draft

While writing your first draft, ignore keywords. Take more into account the message you want to send to your target audience. You can always add keywords and reorganise your text later. 

e) Proofread and adjust your text

Proofreading is essential for a web redactor. This helps avoid spelling and grammar mistakes, as the syntax must be flawless. It's best to do this with a colleague who is  skilled in writing and grammar. 

f) Create interesting visuals to accompany your text

Creating interesting visuals allows you to quickly grab the attention of readers. Visuals in articles get more views than simple content. If you don't have the tools to create what will be unique to your website, you can use the tools below.

This tool allows you to download images and videos without copyright. All of its content is licensed under the Pixabay license, which indicates that it's free to use.

It allows you to install fonts on your computer.

Unsplash is a tool that also includes royalty-free images. Credit can be given with the name of the author of the image you have chosen to use.

It allows you to create infographics. You can combine elements like text, images, graphics, diagrams or even videos.

Canva is a design platform in which you can create images, posters, videos and other visual content.

Rédaction contenu web

In summary, 

Note that to be successful in writing, you need to come up with an original idea while drawing inspiration from other blog posts or analyzing your persona. In order to produce unique content, avoid plagiarism or copy and paste at all costs. Otherwise, your content will be banned from search engines. Writing good content helps audiences stay loyal in reading your content.


To go in depth, it goes as far as developing an entire content strategy when your brand needs to be long-term.