Why trust 8P Design for the creation of your website?

Why trust 8P Design for the creation of your website?

8P Design is a web development agency that deploys a 360° vision on itself and in all its client projects. Our offices are located in Montreal!

As an experienced agency in our field, we master all aspects of a company's web presence. It simply implies that for your business, we are equipped, competent and available to collaborate to make your vision real for your targets.

Indeed, since 1998, 8P Design has developed numerous digital projects serving several clients in web strategy, development and marketing.

Today a specialized digital agency, we offer our business customers services in:

  • Website creation
  • Business solutions
  • Electronic businesses
  • Customized management tools

Thus, our digital agency wants to help solve all problems relating to business websites. Let's dive a little into our particularity to meet this need of our client-partners.

Pourquoi faire confiance à 8P Design

A passionate team

A digital agency needs visionary people (for the agency) but also people who are passionate, skilled and motivated by innovation.

This bet seems to be taken up at 8P Design when we look at the 10 characteristics below of our management and technical team:

  • Lively discussions between employees and customers
  • Common vision and expectations
  • The competence
  • Awareness of strengths and weaknesses
  • Transparency
  • The absence of toxic people
  • The right management style
  • The wide range of diverse skills
  • Feedback and recognition
  • The good dynamics of the team

The team, in general, supports you in aligning goals and success. Thanks to our passion for web development, we want to help small to medium-sized businesses create websites that look like them and meet their needs. At the agency level, there really is this desire to digitally support a young company or one at the start of growth.

20 years of experience in the field

Our 8P developers have been working in website design for 20 years. We have resolved the following issues for our customers:

  • I need to add functionality to my site;
  • I don't have a website;
  • My site is slow;
  • The users of my site visit several pages, but spend very little time on each of them;
  • Visitors to my site come and go right away;
  • Visitors only visit my site once;
  • The navigation of my site is inconsistent;
  • Paid traffic to my site is not profitable;
  • The percentage of visits brought by search engines is low;
  • My website is not up to date;
  • Searching my site does not return relevant results;

Without limiting itself to VSEs and SMEs, the agency has also created many websites for several large companies by working on these challenges which negatively impact the optimization of our client websites, and therefore their natural referencing.

A dynamic collaboration

8P Design is also a very dynamic way of working through collaboration between the client and his service providers. There is more than a client-to-provider relationship and vice versa. We are committed to frank, open, transparent, professional and friendly interactions. This is why we see our customers as partners too.

The style of communication is particularly evident in informal interactions and even in the editorial tone of the articles on our blog. Communication is of great importance here, which obliges us to provide better customer service that is better suited to our customers.

Pourquoi faire confiance à 8P Design

Other services we offer

Creation of a 360 web strategy

8P design creates a 360 web strategy to guarantee your presence in search engines. This strategy optimizes your visibility through work on natural referencing and sponsored ads. With this strategy, you are present everywhere, because you now have an ecosystem around your site that reflects your branding.

Analysis and audit of your website

Carrying out the analysis and audit of your website is like examining and carrying out a complete diagnosis of the website. This careful analysis covers all aspects, such as the technical aspects of the site and its references, especially natural referencing (SEO).

SEO optimization of your website

SEO allows you to optimize your website in order to position it in the best results in search engines.

Creating effective Google Ads campaign

Due to the information collected during advertising campaigns: click-through rate, cost per click, conversion rate, bounce rate, etc., Google Ads ads are also a good way to optimize keyword selection for SEO.

8P Design makes sure to help you stick to the Google Ads algorithm to effectively advertise your business or product.

Creation of effective Facebook ads

Still with the goal of reaching your business audience, 8P Design helps you target audiences by location, age, gender, and area of interest through powerful Facebook advertising.

Creating a strategy for your social networks that suits you

The most popular digital marketing channel is social media. So 8P Design adapts this strategy to your business to propel you to success and increase your visibility exponentially.

Pourquoi faire confiance à 8P Design

Looking for a web agency in Montreal?

8P Design is a web agency that manages large digital projects, blogs, personalized management tools and practical design. His 20 years of service has allowed him to develop his expertise in the field of the Web. With a team of experts and dynamic, she is ready to accept the challenges you have for her.

That said, don't take our word for it! Ask for your quick consultation, test our approach to deploying your digital needs, and you will testify for yourself!