Weekend selection - April 27th

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Today, you are invited to find out about

  • One of the latest Facebook ambition
  • 10 crucial web marketing information for 2017
  • A website that gives access to copyright free resources
  • A Google tool to help checking on your privacy
  • The newest project of Wikipedia’s founder

Facebook wants to read your mind and create a better user experience

Original title: "Facebook Announces Plans to Read Your Mind, the Next Level of Platform Connection" – Social Media Today

Information: English, Social Networks, 20/04/2017

Why Facebook announced that one of its teams is working on a way to read its users’ minds!

An Infographic summarizing 10 key statistics for visual marketing

Original title: "10 Visual Marketing Statistics for 2017 [Infographic]" – Social Media Today

Information : English, Marketing, 24/04/2017

A clear and informative infographic about marketing stats that matter this year. Everything to help you boost your marketing strategy !

Google My Business shows you what data are collected about you

Original title: 'Google Mon Activité vous permet de gérer les données collectées sur vous' – Arobasenet

Information : French, Google app, 24/04/2017

This article presents the new Google My Activity tool, that allows you to see, control and remove data that Google collected about you. An efficient way to see what data are fetched on Internet.

Wikipedia VS Fake news

Original title: 'Wikipedia’s founder wants to fight fake news with a crowdfunded news site' – the Next Web

Information : English, Fake news, 25/04/2017

Nowadays, fake news is omnipresent in our newsfeeds. This article present the newest project of the Wikipedia’s founder: a participative website to fight against disinformation.

Useful websites for quality visual content

Original title: 'Les meilleurs sites pour trouver des photos gratuites, des vidéos, des icônes, des polices…' - Blog du modérateur

Information : French, Useful website, 27/04/2017

A crucial tool for all of those that look for copyright free imagery: The Stocks. You can find icons, images, videos, fonts, mock-ups and color palettes, and all of that free of charges!

Weekend selection - 27/04

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