Weekend selection - August 09th 2019

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Here we are again, well-rested and with a good selection of freshly picked news:

Still indexing problems on Google with new contents

Original title: "Google Not Indexing New Content Again" – Seroundtable

Informations : English, Google, 08/08/2019

It was already the case a few weeks ago, Google does not index new content on its search engine! Enough to make some SEO professionals who can not see the success of their hard work mad... Google is nevertheless aware and seeks solutions to solve this problem.

Instagram's instant messenger will soon be associated with Facebook's

Original title: "La messagerie « Direct » d’Instagram sera reconstruite sur la technologie de Messenger" – Siècle Digital

Informations : French, Social Media, 08/08/2019

It's logical now that Facebook has bought Whatsapp and Instagram, it wants to show who the boss is. We will soon see mentions "by Facebook" next to the names of these social networks and can only use one messaging tool for communicate on them (well, for Facebook and Instagram). What do you think?

4 ways to refresh your marketing strategy during the summer

Original title: "4 easy ways to refresh your marketing strategy during the summer" - MarketingLand

Informations : English, Marketing, 06/08/2019

Summer means holidays for many people, which can bring a slump in your marketing results... These 4 tips can help you not to lose the thread during the summer months to go back to the block autumn!

You can now program your Instagram posts with the Creator Studio!

Original title: "Comment programmer et publier un post Instagram avec le Facebook Creator Studio" – Blog du Modérateur

Informations : French, Social Media, 05/08/2019

Instagram has become an essential network in the marketing strategies of professionals. But until now, it was not optimized for easy use by Community Managers. Well we have good news: we will be able to program Instagram posts, and what's more on a computer! The Creator Studio should soon become your best friend!

How to become a leader in your market

Original title: "Devenir un leader dans votre niche" – Lime Blogue

Informations : French, Marketing, 22/07/2019

Who does not want to make a breakthrough and become THE reference in his own market ... But it's not easy! Here are some tips and tricks for you to aspire to this title (or at least, to stand out from others in your niche!). We give you some: Stay tuned for changes in your market, go looking for interesting partnerships, show your expertise on your networks... (we let you discover the rest)

Sélection du weekend - 09/08

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