Typeform helps you get feedback from your users

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Typeform, what is it for ?

Typeform allows you to create forms, questionnaires, surveys, tests and any other tool requiring an interaction with your user. You will find here all the ideas suggested by the platform itself.

This tool represents an alternative to Google Forms to unleash one’s creativity. Indeed, Typeform lets you create freely your form if you want to, but you can also choose a model from the gallery. In any case, you will still be able to digress from the chosen model, if ideas come along the way!

Substantial advantage: you can see a preview of your model as it has been conceived to know if it does match your expectations, before choosing it.

What’s its specificity ?

Typeform accentuates the conversational aspect of the form to encourage commitment from your panel and obtain more replies. Questions appear one by one so not to overwhelm the person replying to the form and let them take their time.

The main goal of Typeform is to make the data and feedback collection easier by making the full process fun for the person questioned. It goes through pictures in the choices of answer or by inserting replies obtained earlier (such as the person name) to customize the following questions.

What are its functionality ?

Regarding the form creation, 5 steps are needed: Build, design, configure, share, analyze.

We have several choices offered at each stage (type of fields, colors, fonts, languages, sharing methods) to produce the form that fits us best.

Once your form is done and shared, the analysis tab will allow you to check on your results or to see your reply rates as well as the replies themselves, among other things. Results are sorted by type of device to better understand your users’ behaviors.

Besides, you can bind your Google Analytics account to your Typeform one to strengthen your stats and generate automatic reports. It is also important to know that the replies to your forms are downloadable in xlsx format, which makes their analysis easier.

All the Typeform forms are responsive, meaning they are available on every device (desktops, smartphones and tablets).

To sum up

Typeform is an awesome option if you want to easily create forms that are out of the ordinary.

This tool has 3 versions: one free and 2 professionals. We invite you to check out this page, if you want to know more about all of them.

To go further

You can find here a guide to help you write awesome questions for your surveys!

To conclude

We hope this article made you find out new things or helped you clarify some aspects of this tool. 

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