How to integrate a newsletter into your marketing strategy

How to integrate a newsletter into your marketing strategy

Email is one of the communication channels requiring high efficiency in order to get a return on investment. Since it's important to send an email that is attractive enough to encourage users to open it, you must in this case include a newsletter for the success of your communication strategy.

A newsletter is an effective way to stay in constant contact with your customers. It remains the preferred tool in communication on the net. However, designing a newsletter is not easy. Before integrating the creation of your newsletters, you must base yourself on defined objectives. This way, you will be able to organize yourself well before you start.

In this article, we present some guidelines to help you get started.

Intégrer une infolettre à votre stratégie marketing

1. Subscribe to a few newsletters from people in your field

Ideally, by subscribing to the newsletter, you are guaranteed to receive regular emails with links to the latest episodes of programs in the field, as well as some important news. In this case, you will not have to resort to advertising or selling your address. It's a sure way to keep you connected so you don't miss any news.

Indeed, if you want to integrate a newsletter into your email communication strategy, it would be important for you to subscribe to other newsletters. In this case, you will be able to be better inspired and know what is important in your newsletters.

2. List the topics you want to cover in the next few months

The first job is first to segment your audience. This will give you an idea of the topics to be covered in your message. The list of such topics depends on each subscriber.

If you already have a considerable number of contacts from your prospects, you must target your mailings. That is to say that it will be necessary to send different emails according to the standard profile (persona) of each subscriber.

There are several ways to break down the list of topics to program according to your niche. Here are a few :

  • Customers and potential customers (prospects)
  • Almost decided prospects and prospects Who barely know you

If you are a company that sells for other companies (B2B) you make your segmentation according to the field of business, the trade and the type of company. And if you are a company that sells to customers (B2C) you will take into account taste and geographical location.

Note, however, that to successfully do such a segmentation of your subject list, you must have the right sources of information. Then you can add necessary fields of the newsletter subscription form on your website. To gather information about existing contacts, you can run a contest for subscribers to participate for an objective purpose.

After the segmentation you can now choose an editorial line for your newsletter and what you want to talk about each month.

3. Choose how often you want to send a newsletter

The frequency of which you send your newsletters is essential for a good marketing strategy. It's important to be consistent but not too frequent.

Indeed, the frequency of sending emails has an impact on the opening and unsubscription rates. Thus, it's crucial to strike the perfect balance so that your audience is attracted by regular reminders and does not get tired of your emails if they are too frequent.

Intégrer une infolettre à votre stratégie marketing

4. Choose if you want your newsletters to be done in-house

An internal newsletter informs all employees of the current month's work and company news. This way of communicating internally is also one of the most effective ways to legitimize actions and facilitate internal work within a company.

Admittedly, a newsletter is a recurring workload, but it's possible to delegate the task with an agency.

5. Choose the tool you want to use

For the success and monitoring of your marketing strategy, it's important to use a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool. The main objective of a CRM is to improve the commercial relationship of the company. Among the tools that can help you make a success of your emailing campaign, there are Hubspot, MailChimp Aweber, Mailjet, SimpleMail, Mailpoet, Sarbacane, Publicate, MadMimi. The key is to adapt a powerful tool that can help you succeed in your marketing communication strategy.

6. Créer votre première infolettre (votre modèle)

Your first newsletter must take into account a model to follow for all the next ones to write.

In order to make your newsletter a success, be sure to take care of your content. The main things to consider are to:

  • Have a catchy title.
  • Have an engaging hook.
  • Put your most important ideas at the beginning.
  • Structure the text well.
  • Write a short and direct text.
  • Use beautiful layouts.
  • Share good content.
  • Think “responsive”

Intégrer une infolettre à votre stratégie marketing

To conclude,

The key benefit of a newsletter is to encourage people to come back to your site and allows them to remember you for future reference. It makes it possible to transform a customer into a prospect or to retain a former customer.

If you need to rely on an agency to manage your email campaign or to suggest impactful content for your newsletters, 8P Design puts its staff at your service.