How to use Pinterest for your business

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Pinterest comes from the sentence "to pin interest" that can be translated as "to pin things interesting". The purpose of this social network is to create thematic boards in which users pin similar interesting images seen on the social network, a website or other part of the web. Pinterest is a social network that has become almost indispensable for some relevant areas such as very visual activities (e-commerce, Showcase website, etc. ) and/or targeting mainly a female population (knowing that 85% of the active accounts are women).

 Pinterest can bring you many benefits as a business:

  • A better traffic for your business
  • A better SEO on [lexicon key = "search engine"]search engines[/ lexicon]
  • A showcase visible at any time on a social trend
  • Highly targeted advertising thanks to paid advertising
  • A link to your products (Thanks to the Shop the Look feature, allowing you to tag the product on the image and redirecting to the purchase area of your site or to that of Pinterest)
  • An increase in your community thanks to a new social network

Create and set up a professional Pinterest account

You should know that Pinterest offers personal accounts but also business accounts with benefits such as statistical tools (number of views, clicks, pins, etc.) and demographic data. In addition to being totally free, it gives you the ability to create sponsored content as well as make it easier for people to find your profile by displaying your name and profile photo on every pin of your content.

If you already have a personal account:

  1. Sign-in to your personal Pinterest account
  2. Click on the menu located in the upper right corner
  3. Select "Add a free business profile"
  4. Fill in the required and optional data if you wish

If you don't have a personal account:

  1. Go on Pinterest
  2. Fill in your e-mail address, your password and your company name
  3. Select your activity type
  4. Click on "Create an account"

Configure your settings to generate more traffic:

  • Insert a profile photo (160x165 pixels) with a picture of you if you are a solopreneur or your company logo, and a cover photo of your activity
  • Fill in your personal information such as your address
  • Insert a link to your website to refer visitors to this one
  • Change your security and privacy settings

Build your strategy

Pinterest allows you to reach a large number of objectives: it allows you to make yourself known and gain traffic to your site including promoting your products or services through sharing quality photos returning to your website and allowing you to be pinned by many users and benefit from the effect "snowball". It also allows you to have a better SEO on the search engines.

Another significant advantage of Pinterest: it does not require a regular job unlike other social networks! You don't have to be active to get traffic to your website, since users can continue to see your pins even if you have not reconnected for some time, so the pins and attract new prospects on your site. 

To get started, you need a good strategy:

  • Build boards according to the themes you cover: you can build an unlimited number of boards to sort your images by as many themes as you want, so as well to work! Share beautiful photos so that they create maximum commitment by encouraging other users to "pin" on their own board.
  • Set up URLs on the images you share: this will allow you to send your visitors to your website and generate traffic
  • Pin images related to your themes on the corresponding boards: This is one of the principles of this social network! Just click on an image, select a board at the top right, then "save"
  • Share images of good quality: if you want them to be included in the paintings of others, they must make you want! Choose a size of 736x736 pixels maximum, while not forgetting to add a title, a description and a link to your website.
  • Insert a "pin-it" button directly on your site: this will allow visitors to your site to directly share your beautiful pictures on their Pinterest boards. This will give you a great showcase.
  • Use the "Promoted pin": this is the advertising service offered by Pinterest. It has a very fine targeting that makes your images appear like a simple pin, which allows for a much better range. The economic model is in cost per thousand, so you choose your budget at the beginning of your campaign
  • Use influencers on Pinterest: as on many social networks, some people stand out and are followed by many fans. Find influencers related to your themes that will share your images and make you benefit from their notoriety. Feel free to tag them in the description of your images so that they can pin down these images easily.
  • Interact with your prospects: communicate on your brand and thank the shares to create proximity to your target. Also, don't forget to comment on some posts in your feed while pinning them back.
  • Use Pinterest Business Insights: this is Pinterest's statistical analysis tool. You can discover your audience and interests, know the traffic of your page, the number of impressions of your images, the number of pines, the best pines ... everything that will allow you to take decisions to improve your strategy!

Good to know

Team work

Pinterest allows you to work in a group. Add contributors to your board so they can pin images there, leaving you more time to focus on other tasks. So go to the board you want to make collaborative and edit it by selecting the collaborators you want to include

Link your Pinterest account to Hootsuite

In addition to allowing a good organization by planning your publications in advance (more easily than Pinterest that allows you to plan only 2 weeks in advance), it also allows you to analyze your statistics such as the range of your pins, your traffic, your visits, for example. Check out our article to discover Hootsuite and its secrets!

Create hidden personal boards

After all, you also have the right to enjoy Pinterest to inspire you! Create personal boards that only you will be able to consult. Not visible to your visitors, they will allow you to find inspiration or find literature ideas. However, be careful to make it private in order to keep your brand identity on your professional page.

Mass follow up

This practice allows you to increase traffic to your site by following people who followed boards similar to yours.

  • Look for a board related to your activity
  • View people who follow this board
  • Right click to display the source code of the page
  • Copy paste this line of code into the console: var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName(' RCK Hsu Vxj aZc GmH adn Il7 Jrn hNT iyn BG7 NTm KhY');
  • Press the "enter" key on your keyboard
  • Copy paste this: for(var i=0; i<inputs.length;i++) {inputs[i].click();}

Pinterest glossary

A Pinner: A Pinterest user, someone who saves or shares an image from the internet

A Pin: A shared image on the social network

Pinboard: A board grouping pines under the same theme

Pin-it: Button allowing the addition of pins

Promoted Pin: Advertising as a pinned image

You know everything!

Article: How to use Pinterest for your business

As we have seen, Pinterest is therefore a must-have social network for businesses. Simple to use, not time-consuming and focused on the image, Pinterest offers you the opportunity to obtain an editable showcase at will, while increasing the scope of your publications through its pinning feature.

Focused on sharing, Pinterest also offers a feature allowing users to make purchases directly on the site via Pinterest Shopping.

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