How to improve the conversion rate of your e-commerce website?

How to improve the conversion rate of your e-commerce website?

What is a site conversion rate?

Also known as the conversion rate, the ecommerce site conversion rate is the percentage of people that made a purchase compared to the total number of visitors to the site.

For example if the number of visitors to your site over a specified period is 100 and only 8 buy, your conversion rate will be 8%.

It's no longer enough to increase the number of visits to a site to ensure success.

The rate of transformation is a key and determining indicator of the success of the site.

How to improve my conversion rate

Reduce page loading time

A large portion of users quickly leave merchant sites whose pages are not displayed within 3 seconds. Amazon, the e-commerce giant, found that 1% more loading time directly reduced sales by 1%. You can test the performance of your product pages for free using test tools like GTMetrix or Google page speed.

Work on the design and ergonomics of the site

  • Create an attractive website (Beautiful design), professional and clear.
  • Be sure to guide the customer throughout the page.
  • Make sure that the information the customer is looking for is clearly visible, delivery, total price, product feature, etc.
  • Create pages with quality content.
  • Work the internal mesh between the different pages so that the user does not abandon your site.



Shorten the purchase tunnel - limit abandonment

The shopping tunnel, on an online commerce site, is the route that the buyer makes until the last step which is the payment. The longer the journey of the shopping tunnel, the more likely the visitor will abandon their purchase and the shorter the chance the user will go to the end and buy. The poor optimization of this tunnel is the main reason for loss of turnover.

Do not ask your customers too much information. The really essential information for billing are (name, surname, mail, address, phone number, bank details). The customer can complete his profile later.

Integrate customer reviews

The customer reviews have a very important weight in the sale. It's reassuring for a potential buyer to be able to read objective opinions about the product he wants (or is hesitant to buy). All studies published on the subject show that the vast majority of Internet users look at customer reviews before ordering. Products without buyers' opinions are much less sold than others.


Improve product sheets

  • Product sheets are the most important pages of the merchant site. They must: provide the information, seduce and reassure the visitor.
  • Full and structured title and description, HD images, customer reviews, product features, page optimization for SEO, highlight promos. All of these criteria are necessary to make a success of your product sheet.
  • Start by optimizing 10 or 15 pages of flagship products if you have a large number of products.
  • Highlight promotions
  • Put forward on your site all promotions or benefits that you offer: Free delivery, satisfied or refunded, free of certain services, etc.



Reduce basket abandonment

On average and according to some studies, the average basket abandonment rate is 70%. A large part of visitors abandon the basket before finalizing their purchase. This dropout rate is explained by various factors:

  • An order process too complicated
  • Technical problem on the site
  • They discover additional costs during the payment.
  • Obligation to register to be able to place an order (Some sites, propose to be able to order as a guest.)
  • The lack of means of payment:
  • Present different ways of payment, do not present the credit card: a large number of customers prefer to pay otherwise: PayPal, Stripe or others.
  • A lack of confidence in the security of transactions
  • Shopping list for the future



Smartly restart abandoned baskets

Some customers add products to the cart, buy them later, or compare to other sites. (To recover these consumers, it is important to use an abandoned basket recovery tool).

The raise can be done by phone or email, phone reminders are expensive and some prospects take it as an intrusion.

Mail reminders are cheaper and can be automatic. There are several tools for basket recovery, such as Criteo and Target2Sell.

Work Calls-to-Action - CTA

The call-to-action buttons are very important especially on an ecommerce site.

Some aspects to consider for call-to-action buttons:

  • Position: A call-to-action below the fold will be less effective than a call-to-action placed at the top of the page.
  • Color and shape. Call-to-action must stand out from the rest of the content. They must attract the attention of the user.
  • It is best not to use command verbs like: pay, order, buy. It will make the client run away by giving him the impression of being forced to do something.

Reassure visitors

Create a site with professional design, clear and without technical problems.

We will return with more details on online sales and e-commerce sites in our upcoming articles.

If you have an e-commerce or e-commerce project and want to boost your sales and optimize performance and conversion, call on our expert team to submit your project. we will be happy to work with your goals.