8P Design signs the Transition Pact

Le Pacte

All members of the 8P team have collectively decided to sign the Energy Transition Pact, and pledge to make their effort to reduce the environmental footprint at work and in their daily lives.

8P will act on its infrastructure and business habits to reduce its impact. The team made a commitment, to the extent of their individual realities and abilities, to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by concretely implementing the actions set out by the initiative.

In addition, 8P Design will contact its customers and suppliers to inform them of this decision and invite them to participate in this popular wave of action and hope, for Quebec and the planet. 8P Design will offer its customers time to discuss opportunities to reduce their impact on the Web and business practices.

That's it, 8P Design is committed to the energy transition. Signing this pact has also been inscribed in its DNA and will be a condition of employment and internship; It is a point of no return.

8P Design; Web development agency in Montreal with a strong dependence on a job well done… cleanly.

LE PACTE: Pact for transition


References : Les citoyens invités à signer un «Pacte pour la transition» écologique