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Key steps of a successful link building strategy

A ink building campaign is paramount in achieving your web marketing mix plan. Discover how to build a strong backlink base.

Weekend selection - August 09th 2019

Did you know? Google still has indexing problems ... But to console you we also have good news! The direct messaging of Instagram and Facebook will merge, you will soon be able to schedule your posts on Instagram, and you have even found some tips for your marketing strategies!

Weekend selection - July 19th 2019

You wanted tips on twitter, on your marketing campaigns, some small tools for your creations, to see the new emojis, to know what a Callbot is ... That's good, we found articles for you!

Crawl Website for Titles and Descriptions | Online Tools

What is a meta title? How to write a good meta description? What are the mistakes to avoid in my SEO? Are there tools to help me? All answers are in this article!

Weekend selection - July 12th 2019

Did you know? Google launches a new social network! But that's not all, there are tools to create your own fonts, tips to move your Facebook community and informations to deindex from Google ... It's in our selection of the weekend!

Weekend Selection - July 05th

Facebook Ads brings an old tool up to date, a pixel tracker hides in your emails, Instagram: new trend tool of Marketing professionals, Zero click trend or how to ruin our SEO work, manage the optimization of images on your website ... Here is our selection of the weekend!

Weekend selection - June 21st

A security vulnerability at Firefox, All about advertising platforms, All about developers' 2019 habits, Well write communications, Incognito mode not that private ... The crop of news of the week has been good! Perfect to keep you busy during this long Weekend :-) Happy National Day of Quebec to all!

How to track the activity of your visitors

Do you know how many visitors read your last article today? Or how many puts a product in their basket without ever ending the transaction? You can know all this thanks to Events Tracking! Don't panic, we explain everything :-)

Weekend selection - June 14th

This week, we talk a bit about Facebook, its GDPR trial finally assumed against the Austrian but also the novelty of its users who makes the web talk ... We are also interested in Google that regulates the search results, posts on Instagram (news feed or Story?) and Apple that says bye to iTunes …

Weekend selection - June 07th

A new periodic table for SEO professionals, A hard time to pass for GAFA, Instagram tips, advertising on LinkedIn and Chatbots to dialogue for you ... This is what the digital news has us offered this week!