Wordpress: What you need to know

Wordpress: What you need to know

Wordpress is a tool that allows you to create your website or blog without having to rely on a web developer. On a slightly more professional note, we would define WordPress as a CMS or content management software or open source software licensed under GPLv2. This means that anyone can use or modify free WordPress software. A content management system is essentially a tool that makes it easy to manage important aspects of your website - like content.

Today we count more than 40% of websites are created based on wordpress, thanks to the many advantages it abounds in. With Wordpress you have a: 

  • CMS very fast to install and easy to use
  • Open source software so "free".
  • Large French-speaking community 
  • CMS totally adaptable and more used in the world
  • Multitude of free and paid themes and extensions
  • A CMS specialized for blogging

Whether you're a beginner or an intermediate, here are some important things you should know before you get started.


1. It's the perfect content management system for beginners

Wordpress is an easy to understand and very user friendly platform. This tool presents you with an easy to use interface. You have the possibility to set up your website as you like. You also have the possibility to set up your website in a way that allows several people to manage it.

Indeed, if you are the owner of the account, you are the administrator and you can add other people as editor or contributor with different roles. What is interesting in all this, is that you don't need to be a developer or to master a web language before making these settings.

2. The basic platform is free

The platform has a basic, free option sufficient for users who want to use it as a portfolio or blog. With the free option, you get access to the main features of Jetpack, secure hosting with SSL Certificate, 3GB storage space and dozens of free themes. 

You can opt for a package depending on the type of site you want to create. For example for the :

  • E-commerce, plans start at $45
  • Business starting at $25
  • Premium starting at $8
  • Personal starts at $4

3. Wordpress offers a wide range of free themes to start your website

The quality of your wordpress site depends on the choice of theme. On wordpress you have an array of free themes and also paid themes that allow you to customize it according to your need.
A theme is a collection of PHP files, CSS styles and JavaScript files that are used to define the appearance of a website.
The theme comes with a design, layout and various features. Users are supposed to choose the suitable one for their site preferences and needs. Some are designed to serve specific types of websites like themes for a travel site, cooking site, blog, magazine and many others. The sheer number of themes out there often puts one in a bind. That's one reason why, if you want to make a choice quickly, you should first consider:

  • Make the choice in the right place
  • Deciding between a free or paid theme
  • Evaluate the popularity level of the theme
  • Look at the features offered
  • Do not neglect the design


4. Several plugins are also available to customize your use

A plugin is an extension that you can add to your website in order to optimize it and if possible customize it. They are like mini-applications that allow to improve the website either visually or technically. You don't need to master coding or web language before using the plugins.

WordPress has extensions in its directory, and they can be used for free or for a fee depending on their complexity. Also note that a plugin cannot work on its own without a customization and a host. 

5. Wordpress can be used in several ways


WordPress has expanded into website creation, but it hasn't forgotten its roots. A blog is a journal, which can be an integral part of your website or a page in its own right. It allows you to publish articles, photos, videos, generally follow the news and interact continuously with your customers who can comment.


The portfolio allows you to present your creations and showcase your skills. However, you should have a website next to it or integrate your portfolio into a website.


It allows a company to sell its products. Whether you have a physical store or not, having an e-commerce site to expand your customer base nationally or internationally can be very beneficial and for customers who don't want to. WordPress allows you to create this type of website thanks to its WooCommerce extension.

Online magazine

It's used by a company to publish daily advertisements. It's usually reserved for businesses that can regularly offer new products. The features available on WordPress are perfect for creating this type of site and enhancing it.

Website for a business

It allows a company to represent its brand, operations and products, but it does not allow online sales. It is meant to showcase the company on the website. As the name suggests, it is a showcase for your brand, just like one can admire the windows of department stores. Creating SEO sites from WordPress is very easy and therefore accessible to all our subscribers.


To conclude,

Wordpress is an easy to use website creation software for blogs or the web. Being the most used CMS in the world, it allows any user to customize it according to his needs. The advantage is that it can be used without even knowing web language.

At 8P Design we are Wordpress experts. If you want a professional website with this CMS, we will be happy to help you design it.