Weekend selection - September 20th 2019

Banner - Weekend selection - September 20th 2019

Here is your press review of the week with 5 new articles on digital news:

24 way to prepare your e-commerce for cyber November

Original title: "24 Ways to Prepare Your eCommerce Site for Cyber November" – nom

Informations : English, E-commerce, 20/09/2019

With the coming holidays, November and December have become months to sell! It is therefore important to prepare your e-commerce to take advantage of this buying madness (or just to launch your online store!). From installation to performance through customer relations, these 24 tips that we let you discover, guarantee unprecedented success.

Facelift: the new reference manager for your social networks

Original title: "Facelift : une plateforme de référence pour centraliser et gérer efficacement tous vos réseaux sociaux" – nom

Informations : French, Community management, 20/09/2019

Mainly a content publishing tool on all your social networks, Facelift offers you a complete manager that allows you to manage all your accounts, alone or with others, keeping in mind your strategy and your editorial calendar. It's simple, you can do it all! But it is not the only tool to allow it. Stay alert of our future articles, we have just one to present you all these management tools of your social presence that will make your life easier!

Chrome will (finally) improve its management of tabs

Original title: "Google Chrome va bientôt améliorer sa gestion des onglets" – The Verge

Informations : French, Browser, 20/09/2019

Not easy with 50 tabs open to find the one you need ... But Google Chrome has decided to catch up with its competitors by improving its management of tabs! And it will not be the only novelty ... the address bar will also change: color, instant answers, themes... Everything to personalize our digital environment. Pretty cool, don't you think?

How Domain Changes Defy SEO

Original title: "How changing domains challenge SEO" – Search Engine Watch

Informations : English, SEO, 19/09/2019

There are many reasons to change domain name: it can be for SEO reasons, or maybe because of a change of activity, a change of extension or simply a matter of taste. But a domain change can cause some problems that can be minimized. This little guide explains everything!

Seiso: the tool to receive a free and complete audit of Google Ads

Original title: "Seiso : un outil puissant pour recevoir un audit Google Ads complet (et gratuit) en quelques minutes !" – Le Pti Digital

Informations : French, SEA, 17/09/2019

Do you want to optimize your campaigns on Google Ads? Conducting an audit can be a good start to gain insight into your performance. Seiso offers you the opportunity to do it for free and in just a few minutes. With expert recommendations and problem identification, you will not have any reason not to succeed in your future campaign. Discover how it works!

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